Will Wayne Rooney Return To Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney Derby Manager

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Will Wayne Rooney return to Manchester United? A question that got asked from the minute he left will wayne rooney return to manchester united?

the club. He’s a fan favorite and supporters will always hold on to the possibility of a club legend returning to play again the club, it’s the same with Cristiano Ronaldo, fans still dream of that romantic return. The only difference is, Ronaldo’s is still possible…the fact that he’s still playing that is, I don’t mean to get anyone’s hopes up.


As you’ve probably seen, Wayne Rooney called it a day on his football career and retired. At the time of his retirement, he was playing for Derby County on an 18-month contract as a player-coach but now manages the Championship side full time.


So, I hate to break it to the hopeless romantics but the chances of Wayne Rooney playing for Manchester United again are near enough impossible, I say near enough because, if a charity match or a memorial match will suffice then you may still be in luck.


However, now Rooney has gone into managing who’s to say he won’t manage us one day?

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The Career of Wayne Mark Rooney


Now I’m not going to give you a big essay on Wazza’s career because that’s not what this post is about (Wazza is a nickname his United teammates called him by the way) but he does deserve a quick overview of how he burst onto the scene and what he’s accomplished.


Wayne Rooney shocked the football world at the age of 16 when playing for Everton and scored a wonder goal against Arsenal, where he curled in beautifully into the top bag. Little did we know he’d be scoring them kind of goals for the rest of his career!


That’s when United came sniffing, and remember back then, playing for United was much bigger than it is now. Sir Alex Ferguson was the manager and that’s all I really need to say. Anyway, United bought him from Everton in a deal of around £27 million in 2004 and he won his first title with the club in 2007.


Manchester United On This Day – Fun Fact


wayne rooney vs hull

Saturday 23rd January 2010 Wayne Rooney bags four goals for the first time in a Manchester United shirt in a Premiership-winning season. His efforts ensure a 4-0 victory over Hull City at Old Trafford. If he does it twice more he emulates Jack Rowley in the 1930s and 1940s.


Rooney went on to have a very decorative career scoring loads of goals and winning a lot of trophies for the club. Wayne Rooney is currently Manchester United’s all-time top scorer and second all-time top scorer in Premier League history.

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Wayne Rooney Accomplishments
Appearances 559
Goals 253
Premier League 5
Champions League 1
Europa League 1
FA Cup 1
English League Cup 4
English Super Cup 4
Fifa World Cup 1
U21 Premier League 1
Player Of The Year 1


Just take a look at that! What he’s achieved in football is unbelievable and remember, this is only covering his Manchester Utd career. Now let’s take a look at how Wayne Rooney could return to Manchester United…


Current Derby County Manager


As I stated before, Wayne Rooney is now the manager of Derby County and has a contract until 2023, while he still doesn’t have any coaching badges what Rooney does have is the experience of wayne rooney derby manager

playing at a top club, being a Captain, and leading the team at a top club. Also, he has the respect from players which kind of automatically comes when you’re one of the greatest players the country has ever seen.


If Rooney does do well as a manager it’s going to open a lot of doors for him. We’ve seen Frank Lampard do a half-decent job at Derby then bag himself the managers’ role at Chelsea. These two are very similar because Lampard is, if not, one of the best players Chelsea have had and very much a legend to them and the Premier League.


Learned From The Best


Another thing Rooney has on his side for a return to Manchester United as a manager is, the Mangers he’s been managed by (a bit of a tongue twister there). Let me explain…


Sir Alex Ferguson


For a start the best manager there’s ever been in my opinion and I can speak for a lot of other people on that statement too. Sir Alex Ferguson was a master at man-management something you wayne rooney and sir alex ferguson

need in the modern game more than ever. Players have a lot more power than they use to, also with social media exposure, things are rarely kept behind closed doors. So, the man-management Rooney would have learned from Alex Ferguson is priceless, just look at how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s (Another former player managed by Ferguson) has dealt with Paul Pogba, whether you agree with how he’s dealt with him or not, you can still appreciate Solskaer’s man-management skills.



Luis Van Gaal


Although many United fans didn’t enjoy Van Gaal’s time at the club because he was defensive, wayne rooney and Luis Van Gaal

cared a lot about having loads of possession but not actually penetrating with it. You can’t take away the guy was a tactician. This might come as a shock to you but even Rooney said Van Gaal was the manager that has the biggest impact on him “Van Gaal is by far the best coach I have worked with one hundred percent. His tactical skills, his way of preparing, and his attention to the finest details, I found amazing. I admired that in him. I had never looked at stuff like that before”



Jose Mourinho


Love him or hate him Jose Mourinho will go down as a great in football management. Whether you wayne Rooney & jose mourinho

think he’s now outdated is kind of irrelevant because you can’t wipe away his history. Jose’s Mourinho’s unique leadership style and character are very much you either love playing for him or you don’t and Rooney confirmed that a lot of the players weren’t happy playing for Jose.


As a combination of the three, Wayne Rooney said he wants to take Sir Alex Ferguson’s Man Management, Luis Van Gaal’s preparation, and Jose Mourinho’s stubbornness.


There are some other good managers’ in Rooney’s catalog that Wayne Rooney would have learned certain things from like:


  • David Moyes
  • Ronald Koeman
  • Sam Allardyce
  • Sven-Goran Eriksson
  • Steve Mclaren
  • Fabio Capello
  • Roy Hodgson
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Kai Rooney Signed to Manchester United’s Academy


Wayne Rooney’s son Kai Rooney has signed a contract with Manchester United at 11 years old. Wayne rooney and kai rooney

Only Because he’s the son of Wayne Rooney doesn’t mean he’s going to follow in his dad’s footsteps but even if he’s half the player Rooney was you’ve still got a decent player on your hands. Saying that, he might not make an appearance for the club at all but the fact is, he’s going to be part of the Man Utd youth set-up for some years now which makes me wonder if Wayne Rooney is dreaming of the future managers’ role.




Maybe it shouldn’t but these days being a previous player for a club gives you a little bit of a head start if you want to manage them in the future and if you’re a legend of the club well, it seems all you need to do is get your coaching badges and you have a likely chance of being considered. It’s been happening for a while…



Rooney has literally learned from some of the best managers’ in the game so he’s lucky he has the chance to take little things from each manager and mould them into his own style of management. If he can do this, there are no limits to the heights Rooney can reach during his time in management. Premier League football has never really had a successful English manager in terms of winning Premier Leagues, Champions leagues, and the rest of it. He’s a legend in football, and I think he could be a legend in management too.

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Imagine playing for your dad and playing at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Now imagine, managing one of the biggest clubs in the world and being able to give your son a debut or seeing your son score for you. It may sound a bit too far-fetch and too good to be true but I genuinely think Wayne and Kai Rooney have a great chance of achieving something like that.


Obviously, Ole Gunnar is the current Manchester United manager who is also a United legend and the pair played together at United. So I know Rooney is not going to disrespect Ole and ever outright say he’s interested in the job while Solskjaer is the manager. However, at the minute, pundits and fans alike are very much ‘Ole at the wheel’ and rightly so.


Before Rooney gets his chance (if he ever gets his chance to manage United) I do think United will go for an established manager for their next appointment rather than another club legend. While I do think we could be set for a Wayne Rooney return to Manchester United in the future I think there will be one or two manager appointments before him.


Do you think Wayne Rooney will ever make a return to Manchester United as a manager? And would you want him to?

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