Will Bruno Fernandes Leave Man Utd Or Is He A Future Legend?

Bruno Fernandes

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Since Bruno Fernandes has signed for Manchester United he’s been a breath of fresh air and some bruno fernandes signing for Man Utd

would say has kept Ole Gunnar in his job. Before the arrival of Fernandes, Man United’s form was really poor and inconsistent, losing to teams we shouldn’t be losing to and the attacking football was predictable and boring.


Bruno played his first game for Manchester United around a year ago, United’s points tally over that period is the highest out of all Premier League teams, (yes I know you don’t get trophies for this) but it just goes to show the impact he’s had on the team.


Don’t you think it seems like every time a Manchester United or any Premier League team for that matter, when they sign a foreign player who turns out to be the real deal Barcelona and Real Madrid always come sniffing around? To be honest, they usually get their hands on any player they want sooner or later. When questioned about Barcelona or Real Madrid you’ll hear a lot of players say the cliche line “it’s my dream to play for them”.


Here’s a quick list of high profile Premier League players that left for the giants:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid
  • Luis Suarez – Barcelona
  • Ruud Van Nistelroy – Real Madrid
  • Thierry Henry – Barcelona
  • Eden Hazard – Real Madrid
  • Filip Cutinho – Barcelona


The list goes on, and it’s looking like we could possibly lose Paul Pogba to Real Madrid in the summer as well. While we don’t know if we’d be losing him to Real Madrid they are 100% in the running and Pogba’s definitely interested.

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Reasons Bruno Could Leave Man Utd In The Future


Winner / Trophies


It’s evident to see Bruno Fernandes is a winner, the effort he puts in on the pitch whether it’s closing Will Bruno fernandes leave Man Utd

down the ball, how he tries to win the ball back if he loses possession, constantly trying to win games or break the deadlock whatever it is, Fernandes is trying to win games and more importantly, trophies. We’ve already seen his comments in one or two interviews where he is not happy with the team’s performance and quite rightly. Not to forget the heated discussion he had with Victor Lindelof on the pitch against Seville when United conceded a goal. Bear in mind, Fernandes hadn’t even been at the club long! Which shows his boldness and eagerness to win.


Ultimately, players playing for top teams want to be winning trophies or at the very least challenging for trophies. This is usually a determining factor when players move to the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, and the other giants in European football because playing for them teams you’re more or less guaranteed to be challenging for every single trophy.


Man Utd are getting closer to challenging for trophies under Ole Gunnar, we’ve lost 4 semi-finals under Ole which I know is nothing to brag about but it is a step in the right direction. Ole Gunnar gave his reasons for his United side coming up short as many questioned if it’s a mental block.


We’re currently top of the Premier League and very much in a title race and being in a sustained title challenge will be a great attraction for the club and something to build on. So, since Bruno’s been here, I think we have progressed at a good pace and I think he knows that. However, we have to kick on from that. If we become a team that ‘nearly won this’ and ‘nearly won that’ without actually getting anything in the trophy cabinet Bruno and other big stars could look to move.


Leader – captaincy 


As I stated before about Bruno’s willingness to close down the ball, try the killer pass, and popping up with important goals this all comes under his leadership qualities too. He leads by example, I remember his first game for United against Wolves he was instructing players all game. To do this on your debut with the likes of Pogba, Maguire, Rashfrord, and other big names on the pitch, to me, it’s more impressive than scoring a goal on your debut. It definitely takes natural confidence and leadership to be able to do that. He also got voted man of the match that game.


I don’t know what type of guy Bruno Fernandes is, in terms of harmony in the dressing room but he’s Will Bruno fernandes leave Man Utd

doing the role of a captain and it seems that it’s him the players look to then when things aren’t going well. Personally, I think he should be the captain. It’s kind of like doing a manager’s job at work when you’re not the manager. Imagine everyone in your department turning to you for help and guidance rather than turning to the actual manager, if you’re doing a better job than the manager, you’d want to be rewarded for it right?


I don’t know why, but I do think at some point Fernandes is going to make it public that he wants to captain Manchester United one day, If Ole Gunnar doesn’t make him captain beforehand that is.


Portugal & Spain Similarities


Bruno Fernandes is Portuguese so a move to Spain eventually will always seem like a likely move, the two countries are not far away from each other and the climate is not that different either. One thing England hasn’t got going for us is good weather. It’s these things that the majority of football fans don’t consider when wondering why a lot of players opt to play abroad.


Great foreign players at English clubs usually go one of two ways…


One – he could play most of his career at Manchester United and have all his peak years at the club. Finally, when he’s on the decline, secure a move to a Portuguese club, back to Sporting Lisbon maybe, or even a move to China/America which seems popular lately.


Two – Play for Manchester United, move to one of the big clubs entering/during his peak, and from there make the move.


Yes, I’d prefer number one as well.

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Reasons For Bruno To Finish His Career At United


Become a Legend


It’s quite possible for Bruno Fernandes to reach the legendary status at Manchester United. His numbers and involvement for the club already are ridiculous for a midfielder.


He’s a fan favorite and has everything a player needs to be a Manchester United player. The next Bruno fernandes

step for Bruno is to become a Manchester United great then crack on and become a legend of the club.


I do think for Bruno to be classed as a legend he does have to finish his career at Man United, he’s already 26 years old, so let’s say, for example, he plays up until 33 and his consistency stays at such a high standard that would be 7 strong years at the club. Not to mention if he becomes the captain and picks up a few trophies along the way, he would go down as a club legend for sure.





I know people won’t like this reason because I don’t either. But let’s be honest with ourselves, wages in modern-day football is a major factor to a player staying/leaving a club. Some players will even leave for their second and third choice clubs if they’re the ones offering higher wages.


If we made Bruno Fernandes one of the top earners at the club later on in his career it would definitely be a good incentive for him to finish his career at the club or at least spend all his best years playing for United.


Again, I’ll state, this method should only be used if it benefits the club as well. If United were doing it solely to keep him at the club because he wants to leave and they thought throwing a load of cash at him is the answer, I genuinely think in that situation just let the player go. A bit like the Pogba situation, I love Pogba but he’s made it clear many times he wants to leave Man Utd and I don’t think Man Utd offering him a new contract with higher wages is the answer, they should just cut ties and let him go.


Club Treatment


It’s major pressure playing for Man Utd the biggest team in the country and one of the biggest teams in the world. It seems like a different level of pressure playing for Barcelona and especially Real real madrid fans

Madrid. Their fans are not patient at all, especially with huge signings and their expectations are extremely high to the point it’s near enough impossible to meet them unless you’re players like Cristian Ronaldo and Lionel Messi that is. Saying that, Madrid fans even turned on Ronaldo at one point!


When playing for United, as long as the fans can see you’re trying they will pretty much stick with you until you find your form again. Don’t get me wrong, there’s going to be some fans that get on your back regardless but that’s with any football club.


By all means, if you thrive under that kind of pressure then those two clubs are the places for you but Manchester United are not far off them in terms of size and global awareness. Personally, I think United is a much more understandable club, it’s not so much make or break.

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So will Bruno Fernandes leave Man Utd? The truth is I really think it’s down to Manchester United as a club and how they go about things. A lot of what is discussed above is in the hands of Man United, and one thing about football in this day and age the loyalty runs slim.


If you want to keep your best players, you have to treat them like your best players or someone else will. And by that, I don’t mean give them anything they want but if they deserve to be rewarded, then reward them. How they’re rewarded is entirely up to the club. It could be with higher wages, a captaincy role (if it benefits the club), or even if it’s just a bit of public acknowledgment, what player doesn’t like that?


You get some players that connect with the club straight away and you can picture them seeing out their whole career there. Bruno looks like one of them players in that Manchester United shirt, they’re a perfect fit for each other.

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Football is full of twists and turns whether it’s on the pitch or off it. Players can be happy one day and sad the next. Same with managers, they can be here today and gone tomorrow which is a sad part of the modern game. There are many elements to this question that could sway the answer one way or another.


Me personally, I think Manchester United is set up for Bruno Fernandes to finish his career here. He’s at a good age, already one of the players that the manager bases his team around and it’s a team heading in the right direction.


I’m going to put it out there, I don’t think Bruno Fernandes will leave Man Utd and by that, I mean he will spend his best years at the club and not leave for Barcelona or Real Madrid, etc. Bruno Fernades is a future United legend!


What are your thoughts? Do you think Fernandes will leave United in 2 or 3 years? Drop a comment below.


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