Why Manchester United Should Sign Jack Grealish From Aston Villa

Jack grealish - aston villa

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Jack Grealish is a player that’s getting a lot of attention from the football world. I know the English media love to over-hype English players but for once I truly think the praise and compliments Jack Grealish is getting are well-deserved. Obviously, except for comments like, when Aston Villa legend Jack grealish

Andy Grey said he’d take him over Messi (I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry).


His exact words were “He’s got more of a future (than Messi), and if you gave me, and I mean this, and people are going to say ‘you’re an idiot’, I’m not. Right now if you give me Jack Grealish or Messi, I’m taking Grealish.”… Reading that, all I’m thinking is ‘you’re right, I do think you’re an idiot’.


While I agree with the part that Jack Grealish has more of a future as he’s still only 25 and Messi is 33. Other than that, even if I was to only have Messi on my team for a season surely it’s something you’d have to take a chance on.


Anyway, putting that aside, Grealish is definitely a player Man United should try to bring in, as I think he’d fit the team perfectly, and here’s why…

Disclaimer: 6 months ago I made a post and within that, I named 4 players Man Utd should look to sign, which Grealish was one of them. So, this post isn’t about me jumping on the Jack Grealish bandwagon.

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He Adds Leadership


One thing that’s been lacking in this Manchester United team is leadership. Since the arrival of Bruno grealishFernandes, we’ve seen some leadership. Luckily, he came in and was a leader straight away. However, as you may know, all the great successful sides have more than one leader in the team. Apart from Bruno, I don’t know who else is a leader, good players yes, but leaders? No.


This is where Grealish comes in, he is already a leader at Aston Villa and a consistent one too, he is also their captain. I’m not just talking about Grealish being a leader in terms of his ability on the pitch, he leads with communication, effort, and influence.


Jack Grealish has had some off-field moments that could question his leadership but I think being at Manchester United would squeeze that side out of him (hopefully). Being at such a big club might help a player like Grealish to really focus on his career which will ultimately lead to more opportunities. More international caps for example.


He Can Play Multiple Positions


Grealish is an attacking midfielder that does his best work from almost a left-wing forward position, but let’s say anywhere from the left side in the opposition half. Grealish currently stands rank 1 for big chances created in the Premier League, so far he’s created 12 big chances (See below).


Grealish can also play central in a number 10 position and can play off the right side as well. Providing quality cover across the attacking positions.


Some people question whether Jack Grealish and Bruno Fernandes can play in the same team but I truly believe they can. Bruno is an unselfish player who does vacate his number 10 position at times. With an understanding of each other’s games, there would be plenty of times where Grealish and Bruno could rotate, as Fernandes does like to drift off to the left at times as well.

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Provides Creativity


Jack Grealish would add massive quality in the final third as I stated above he stands at number 1 in the Premier League for big chances created this season. To put this into context, he is ahead of the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, and Harry Kane who has an unbelievable link up with Son. Bruno Fernandes and Grealish in the top 5, imagine them in the same team!


Rank Player Club Stat
1 Jack Grealish Aston Villa 12
2 Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City 11
3 Bruno Fernandes Manchester United 10
4 Harry Kane Tottenham 10
5 Che Adams Southampton 7

(20/21) Big Chances Created, Available at: www.premierleague.com (Accessed: 02/01/2021).


Another thing Manchester United could benefit from is the number of fouls Grealish draws. This would give us another dimension to scoring, with players who can deliver quality balls into the box. It also gives Ole Gunnar a good foundation to improve their goal threat from set-pieces.


Rank Player Club Stat (fouls won)
1 Jack Grealish Aston Villa 111
2 Wilfred Zaha Crystal Palace 83
3 James Maddison Leicester City 74
4 Jordan Ayew Crystal Palace 60
5 Adama Traore Wolverhampton 55

Ahmed Shooble (08/02/2020) Most could players, Available at: www.talksport.com (Accessed: 02/01/2021).


Manchester United have been pretty poor in their set-piece goal returns. Adding a player who was fouled 111 times in a season is a big opportunity to exploit set pieces and become a threat. If you want an in-depth analysis of how Manchester United have been performing with their set-pieces click here.

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Work Rate (Off The Ball)


Taking away Jack Grealish’s footballing ability, his work rate is something that this Manchester grealishUnited team would benefit from, especially in the midfield. Grealish will trackback, put tackles in and compete for lose balls, pretty similar to Fernandes. So, if we could add a player of such ability to our midfield who also does the dirty work is a great addition which not many teams have. Usually, flair, creative players tend not to do the grafting side of the game too much.




Manchester United should look to sign Grealish ASAP. If there’s a possibility we can get him in January then get him! But at the very latest sign him in the summer. He would be a great addition to this Manchester United team.


Everything you need to be a Manchester United player Jack Grealish possesses it. With confidence, talent, hard work, and leadership he would have no problem fitting in with the team. Furthermore, he already knows a few of the United players through international duties.

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There have been multiple sources that Ole Gunnar is a fan of the Aston Villa midfielder and these rumors have not faded away so the fact that Ole might actually want him means he won’t be treated like or Donny Van De Beek.


Grealish adds something different and is a player United need so it’s a perfect fit. Grealish is 25 years old, in the next one or two years he’ll be coming into his prime so I think he will be at a point where he wants to make that big step in his career.

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