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The United Stand is Manchester United’s biggest independent YouTube fan channel in the world with around 1 The united stand - twitter

million YouTube subscribers. The United Stands purpose is to give the fans a voice that will be heard, allowing people to join their community for a small fee and get their comments read out to thousands of viewers when they do live shows.


The United Stands YouTube channel provides multiple shows across the platform which I will go into detail about later. What makes The United Stands channel more interesting is they have football supporters from different fan bases engaging.


I’ve even seen Arsenal fans on there nearly every show giving their opinion, telling them how good their channel is, and obviously throwing their 2 pence in at Man United’s misfortune but it’s all fun and games and Goldbridge always deals with it!

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The United Stand’s Shows


The United Stand are very active on YouTube posting on average 4 times a day, this goes up on matchdays with their watch along show, and fans cams which will be explained shortly. You will never be short of content and if you find that you are, you can easily branch off to their individual channels like Mark Goldbridge That’s Football. (link it)


Here are some of the shows you can find on the channel:

Latest news


As you’ve probably guessed, this is where Mark Goldbridge will cover any of Manchester United’s latest news wether it is transfer updates, a press conference breakdown, or club politics. Goldbridge always delivers these shows in a humorous but honest way.


Our fans have been having a lot of bad news over the past couple of years so to get that news delivered in a way that’s not so doom and gloom don’t come across as bad. Side Note: I genuinely don’t think he realises how he funny he is.

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Watch Along’s

Watch Along’s are also delivered by Mark Goldbridge. When Manchester United are playing Mark will be watching the game live and more or less doing his own commentary on the game. If you can’t watch some United games because the channels they’re on and the site you’re streaming on keeps buffering (happens to us all) then tune in to these watch along’s.


Note: you don’t get to watch the game but his commentary and analysis paint a good picture!

Chart Show


I love the Chart Show! Mark Goldbridges rates United players based on performances. There are only 10 positions and number 1 being the best. In the Chart Show, players are always fluctuating and even dropping out of the top 10. It’s a great show to grasp who’s our top performers and who’s falling down the pecking order, I love seeing newcomers breaking into the top 10 as well. You can even do your own top 10 then compare it to his and see how much your top 10’s are alike.


If you’re reading this Mark, we want the Chart Show back and more often!

Fan Cams & Player Ratings


Fan cams are hosted by Flex, he goes to every home and away game (people don’t realise how much dedication that takes) and after the match, he lets fans have their opinions on the game, performance, result, and whatever else they want to get off their chest related to the game. I like fan cams because you get your regular fan cams that people enjoy watching and want to see then you get the one-off fan cams from fans who just want their say, it’s a good mixture.

Now, with the whole Covid situation there aren’t as many fans cams after the games and the new fan cams are not done in person, it’s over a video call so no need to worry about the 2-meter distance.


To wrap up, Flex and other guests give their player match ratings, there’s always some controversy and disagreement during these discussions. You realise how differently everyone views the same game.

Flex and KG Talks


Flex and KG will discuss a topic in-depth, whatever that topic may be, their last discussion was about the ‘Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Critics’ link!! these shows usually last around 40 minutes so you get to gage real opinions in depth.


This show is great because their personalities complement each other. Further down this post, you’ll see the different characteristics that I like about Flex and KG and it’ll make perfect sense why they have a show together.

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Main culprits


The United Stand do have some regular faces that appear on the channel, maybe they’re on the channel so much because the viewers also like to see what they have to say. Anyway, here are some of my favourites and what I like about them.


Mark Goldbridge


Mark Goldbridge United Stand - Twitter

Humour – Mark’s humour is so funny, usually stems from his analogy’s, responses to (in his eyes) silly questions or comments and his reactions in watch alongs for example.


Straight Talking – Secondly, I like how Mark Goldbrigde is a straight talker and unapologetic with it. He never insults anyone in a serious way but he will tell you how it is and not beat around the bush.


Controversial – Goldbridge does not sit on the fence, and he’s open to eating his own words rather than sticking to his original opinion to save face. For example, he really didn’t use to rate Declan Rice at all! But now, he’s acknowledged his progress and would be more than happy to see him in a United shirt. Fair play I say.


YouTube – Mark Goldbridge That’s Football

Instagram – goldbridgemark

Twitter – markgoldbridge




Fair – What I like about Flex is he doesn’t really say things in the heat of the moment (he rarely lets emotions get the better of him). Flex is somewhat the United Stand’s interviewer so I guess it’s his job to be fair and put his emotions Flex United Stand - Twitter

to one side so to speak, but ultimately Flex is still a passionate Manchester United fan.


Whenever he is asked about things he always comes across as fair, regardless if he likes the player/team or not he answers the question for what it is and doesn’t let certain things influence his answer.


Analysis – Again, Flex’s good match analysis comes from the point above. He focuses on that specific match, and rarely brings past events into the discussion. He does a quick 10-minute show called ‘Final Word’ where it’s basically his own fan cam.


Realist – Overall this sums up Flex. He is a person who accepts the situation for what it is and voices his opinions accordingly. You’ll see when watching videos, especially after a loss, everyone will usually be in their feelings and throwing out comments (rightly so) but Flex, will be annoyed but he almost thinks like one of the players – ‘put it to bed and make it right the next game’.


YouTube – The Flex

Instagram – Flexutd

Twitter – FlexUTD

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Controversial – Ricky is controversial and always has an interesting outlook on the game. Ricky has made statements suggesting that Nemanja Matic is our most important player and that Juan Mata should be playing a lot more than Rick United Stand - Twitter

he has been. Saying his classic line “we’re a better team with Mata and Matic in the team I’m telling ya”. Legendary!


Match Analysis – Ricky’s match analysis always makes you see the game slightly different. Even though you might not agree with him, he says things that make you understand why he’s saying it. Don’t get me wrong, Ricky makes good points a lot of the time and sees things a lot earlier than most.


Usage of Stats – Everyone knows I’m not the biggest fan of statistics (check this post) however, I do accept they can clear up some things if used in the right way. Ricky uses stats well, he doesn’t just throw any old stat out to support his point, he contrasts and compares.


Twitter – rickthereduk




Match Analysis – For me, Adam’s match analysis is the best. I only say this because when I watch a Manchester Adam United Stand - Twitter

United game, then come to the fan cams to see what they’re saying, Adam often says and covers the things I was thinking throughout watching the game.


Realist – Some fans totally get caught up in the hype, whether we go on a winning streak for a few games or demolish a team it’s easy to get lost in the excitement. Adam does always encourage and praise the team where warranted but keeps his feet on the ground and hardly ever gets carried away.


Usage of Stats – Like Ricky, Adam uses statistics well when making a point.


I’m not sure if Adam is still part of the United Stand he last featured a couple of months ago, however, I know he has his own YouTube channel so it’s worth checking out his content


Twitter – Adamstott30

YouTube – Mad Red United

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Honesty – What I like about Beth she’s honest but she sees the game for what it is. One comment she always said this Beth United Stand - Twitter

season is how the way Man Utd are winning games is not sustainable which I couldn’t agree with more.


Most fans are get carried away when United beat a team by a high score or when we were top of the Premier League for a few weeks but I’ve heard Beth make this point numerous times – that the way we have been winning games this season can’t be relied upon game after game.


Enthusiasm – This is why Beth is needed, her enthusiasm and energy gives something different to the channel. Even when shes speaking you can see how eager she is to get his words out, and it automatically engages me.  You won’t lose track of what she’s saying and she makes a lot of good points.


Twitter – bethTmufc




Humour – KG is a comedian by trade so it would be rude of me not to put humour as one of the reasons I like him. KG United Stand - Twitter

But, KG is actually very funny all around. His fan cams will always make you laugh.


As I mentioned before, KG does a show with flex and is featuring on the channel a lot more recently even replaces Mark Goldbridge a few times. Which are big boots to fill but he does a great job. Allllrighttt (when you watch him that will make sense).


Clear Points – Don’t let KG’s humour distract you from the fact that he knows what he’s talking about. He is very clear in what he’s saying. He breaks things down step by step and takes you through a clear process of his thoughts.


Match Analysis – His clear points along with his match analysis make KG somewhat of an allrounder. He will always give explanations of his match thoughts in a way you can understand even if you didn’t watch the actual game.


YouTube – KG Tha Comedian

Instagram – kgthacomedian

Twitter – KGthaComedian

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All in all, The United Stand is a great platform to keep up to date with everything going on with Manchester United. They have built a friendly community where all fans can have their say. It for sure is not your typical presenter and pundit type style. As I’ve cleared it up above, they have a little bit of something for everyone so check out their platforms listed below.


YouTube – The United Stand

Website – www.theunitedstand.com

Instagram – theunitedstandtv

Twitter – @unitedstandmufc

Facebook – The United Stand


If you’re already familiar with The United Stand YouTube channel drop a comment about who you let me know what and who you like…

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