Who Should Be Manchester United’s Captain? – Should Ole Gunnar Stick or Twist?

Harry Maguire - Manchester United Captain

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Over the years Manchester United captains have always been leaders on and off the pitch. From Roy Keane Captain

Steve Bruce, Roy Keane and Nemanja Vidic (the list goes on). The consistency they kept for themselves and demanded from others is one of the reasons Manchester United have been so successful over the years.


Not to take anything away from the best ever manager to grace the planet Sir Alex Ferguson but once them 11 men step onto the field there is a limited effect a manager can have on his players, which is why the captain of the team should always be someone who leads by example and that can handle the demands of the role.


With this current United side struggling for leaders we lack, hunger and creativity which of course has a knock-on effect on team performances.  With Maguire being Manchester United’s captain I have to ask the question is Harry Maguire the right guy? If not, who is?


With all that is going on with Harry Maguire right now on and off the pitch, I generally think Ole Gunnar has a decision to make.

Harry Maguire – Current Manchester United Team Captain


For me, Maguire was given the captains armband too quick, He’s not even established himself as a solid Manchester United Centre back yet. What I mean by that is, out of our current centre backs (which none of them are solid) Harry Maguire is not even clearly above these ability-wise or form. Furthermore, some fans argue that a fit Eric Bailly is better than Maguire and I’d agree.


Harry Maguire Manchester United captain

To be the leader of the team, first have to be the leader of your section, area, surroundings etc and I think Harry Maguire is yet to show us he’s capable of consistently leading the Manchester United defence.


Another point is, Maguire wasn’t even the captain at Leicester City this doesn’t mean he can’t be a captain I’m just struggling to see why he was giving the captaincy so quickly.


Evra had strong words about this, saying “You’re the architect of your problems. On your resumption at the club, you sold the clubs top striker Lukaku without replacing him, instead, you signed a defender and immediately gave him the armband”


“You lost the control of the dressing room from the day you gave Harry Maguire captaincy. It’s not done anywhere n the world”


“Club football is different from the national team, exchanging of the armband is based on seniority. Ronaldo left Man Utd as the best player in the world, Madrid never gave him even the assistant captain. Iker Casillas left Real Madrid as captain and Spanish captain, FC Porto never gave him captain and so on”


I don’t agree with what Evra said word for word but the points about Harry Maguire and the captaincy I think he is spot on. It was dished out to him quicker than the last biscuit no one wants.

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Marcus Rashford – One For The Future?

Everyone knows what Marcus Rashford (or shall I call him Rashy) is doing off the pitch, and if you Marcus Rashford

don’t know then you should really find out because it’s fantastic. However, captaincy is about what you do on the pitch. Yes, off the pitch still needs to be taking into consideration but, if you are not leading where it matters then is the captaincy really for you?


Marcus Rashford knows what the clubs about which is a great factor to have to be captain of a club. Rashy understands the values, objectives, and fans better than most in that Manchester United team which will help him relate to us more.


Again, like Harry Maguire, Rashford has not fully established himself in a position, does he even know what his best position is? Also, Rashy is not consistent at all. Yes, he can go on a run of good form but he has too many games where he’s just really really poor. Captains rarely drop below a 6/10.

David De Gea – Litte Too Late?


David De Gea has been a great servant to the club and has been if not the best, one of our best David De Gea

players since Ferguson’s departure. However, for the past 18 months, De Gea has made mistake after mistake which has seen Ole Gunnar contemplating whether to ease Henderson into the number 1 spot.



Despite his longevity and popularity with the players does De Gea have much of an influence on this Manchester United team? I actually don’t think so. Yes, De Gea is still Number 1 but the fact he’s under pressure at the moment due to a dip in form is enough to rule him out for consideration.



I’m not a fan of goalkeepers being captains as they’re not around the football field. It’s hard for them to lead by example, challenge decisions, calm team-mates down and everything else that goes along with being a captain.

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Nemanja Matic – One To Consider?


Nemanja Matic is an experienced player who’s won things also, he’s been a sporadic captain for Nemanja Matic

both Manchester United and Chelsea which indicates managers and players see him as one of the leaders. He was definitely a leader among the Chelsea team it’s just the fact that at the time Chelsea had John Terry as captain and leaders around the pitch.


Matic is an established player in his position and has been for many years also, he is fairly consistent but not a guaranteed starter for Ole and I think that is mandatory to be considered for a captain. When Matic plays, I feel he just plays if that makes sense. I mean, he doesn’t lead by the example like how past United captains have. There’s nothing like seeing someone lead by example it runs throughout the team


Bruno Fernandez – Promising Candidate?


Bruno Fernandez does not hide on the pitch even when he’s not having a great game, Fernandes’s work rate will always be evident to see. Anything good United do attack wise usually comes through Bruno or he has a part to play in it.


Winning or losing you can see Bruno Fernandez talking to his team-mates and telling players what Bruno Fernandes Manchester Unitedthey need to do. The fact that he hasn’t been at the club for long and has the confidence to do things like that at such a huge club shows leadership in itself.


With the number of midfielders, we have the fact that Fernandez has played more than all of them since his arrival says he’s already an integral part of the team and a player they need on the pitch.

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In my opinion, Harry Maguire should not be the Manchester United captain even when I watch the games I do not see any in-game leadership. Good captains are able to concentrate on their own game as well as their team-mates game, I don’t think Harry Maguire is able to do that and still keep a high standard himself.


Rashford’s simply too inconsistent to be captain. His off the field work has to be applauded but the fact I don’t even think Rashford fully knows where he wants to play is a big sign he’s not yet an established player in his position. Although, I do think Rashy could be a captain for the future.


David De Gea could be a good option if he gets his form back and cuts down on the mistakes but ill always say a goalkeeper should not be captain of a team.

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I think Nemanja Matic is a worthy candidate, he has bags of experience, may not have been a captain at Chelsea but was certainly (in his own way) one of the leaders on the pitch. He’s also one of the most consistent players in this Manchester United team.


If I had the choice to pick myself it would be Bruno Fernandez, I’ve never been a fan of giving captaincy to someone who has not been at the club that long but since he’s come to the club he’s shown nothing but leadership. By communicating with players, consistency, work rate, and is an established player in the team. He was also the captain of Sporting Lisbon which again shows he can lead a team.


Ole Gunnar comes across like a loyal manager, often a bit too loyal, and has made a lot of fans questions his decision making. Personally, I think he will stick with Maguire as captain but what do you think? Who do you think the Manchester United captain should be? Could even be someone not on this list, drop a comment I would love to hear your thoughts…

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