Where’s Paul Pogba’s future? – Is it time cut ties?

Paul Pogba Manchester United

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Where’s Paul Pogba’s future at? Should Man Utd do everything to keep him as long as they can or is it time to cut ties, let him move on, and cash in?


We all know Paul Pogba has bags of ability it’s said week in and week out, whether he’s played good Paul Pogba

or bad someone will say “he has loads of quality but” and that’s what I’m getting to, there’s always a ‘but’ when speaking about Paul Pogba in a Man Utd shirt.


We’ve seen Paul Pogba for Juventus and we’ve also seen him lift a world cup with France while being a Manchester United player. He was a vital part of that France team and he had a good tournament which has left fans, pundits, and everyone else questioning why he can’t do it in a United shirt. Although the Paul Pogba at Juve was performing in a much slower league where they allow you time on the ball, you’d still expect him to find that same consistent form after how long of playing Premier League football.


It’s been 3 years since Paul Pogba re-joined Man Utd and I’ve stuck by him the whole time, maybe longer than I should have. I honestly can’t help but think it’s time to move Paul Pogba. Ultimately, I believe it’s best for both parties.

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Paul Pogba at Man Utd = Inconsistent


Pogba has been inconsistent in a Man Utd shirt and there are no two ways about it. If you ask me to name times when he’s taken a game by the scruff of the neck or where he’s been unplayable from start to finish I’d struggle to name 5 occasions in the 3 years!


Paul Pogba Inconsistent


One time springs to mind against Manchester City where he scored 2, and a few other moments around the time when Jose Mourinho was under fire, Pogba and Martial’s link up and form during that period basically saved him his job. Other than those occasions, I’m struggling to remember more, and again, that’s over a 3-year period!


Always Need To ‘Unlock’ Pogba


Why are we as fans always saying Pogba needs this player next to him and that player next to him to ‘unlock’ him and allow him to play without much defensive responsibility. At first, I thought it was a valid point, after all playing with Pirlo and Kante compared to Matic, Fred, Mctominay etc is a big difference in quality and like they say quality breeds quality. However, it’s got to a point now where we have so many midfielders who have all played alongside Pogba and we’re still not seeing good performances. Even since Bruno Fernandez has come I don’t think Pogba’s had a game where you said he was GREAT.


Pirlo and Pogba


As I said, Paul Pogba at Juve had Pirlo and co, at France he has Kante and Co who are arguable the best in their positions but it really should not take having the best players next to you for your quality to be consistent. If that’s the case, how good is Paul Pogba…really?


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The Flirting With Real Madrid


Man United is one of the biggest clubs in the world and definitely the biggest in England so to play for them should be an honor and respected at all times, even if your dream is to play elsewhere, there pogba real madrid

are ways to go about things.



Paul Pogba has constantly flirted with Real Madrid saying how it’s his dream to play there (which is not the problem). The problem is, the number of times he’s said this, the moments when he’s saying it, and the lack of respect it shows to your club, manager, team-mates, and the fans. This brings me to a later point about Pogba not being a fan favorite.


Social Media


Manchester United has always had a star boy so to speak. Someone who’s a global name and someone they can market to make money off. For example, David Beckham to Wayne Pogba dancingRooney and now Pogba. And I get it, with how football is these days the business and commercial side needs some attention too.


However, the difference is David Beckham and Wayne Rooney were doing their business on the football pitch too, fans often overlooked their commercial commitments because it never really had a negative effect on their performances.


At the moment from a fan point of view, it just seems as though Pogba’s doing a load of dancing videos, showing off his haircuts, advertising his new football boots, and then it comes to match day he doesn’t turn up. Generally, he seems unbothered or maybe he’s even tired from all the commercial/social media things he’s doing.


English Media


I get Pogba can be frustrating but the English media do seem to tear into him a lot. Even when Pogba’s not playing or is out injured the media will make up a story about him or pundits will mention his name in a negative manner during a post-match Manchester United analysis, when there’s literally no need to speak about him.


Elsewhere, I honestly don’t think Paul Pogba will suffer from this kind of treatment from the media.


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He’s Always Going To Split Fans


When you’re the most popular player on the team and one of the best, the majority of fans usually love you. The fact Paul Pogba splits the Manchester United fan base so much is an indication he won’t be here much longer in my opinion.



Football fans have such a huge influence on clubs and if there’s a constant divide when talking about a player then it never really ends well.


A bit like Mesut Ozil at Arsenal, similar to Pogba’s situation he’s arguable the most gifted player in the team but his inconsistency and attitude on the pitch split fans’ opinion of him. And as we can see it’s ending badly, very badly.



There’s defiantly pro & cons with selling Pogba that I haven’t mentioned but with two years left on his contract (after United triggered the extra year), I think it’s time to cash in on Paul Pogba. His value will go down the more he comes to the final year of his contract so we need to act sooner rather than later.


I love Pogba and wish we could see more of what he’s capable of but I just don’t think it’s meant to be in a United shirt. Also, I don’t think Ole Gunnar is ever going to play him further up the field consistently especially now we have Bruno Fernandez occupying that area and doing it very well. Playing Pogba deep is not getting the best out of him and if you’re not going to get the best out of your most valuable and gifted player it’s better off getting big money for him and reinvesting into the squad.


I don’t think we’re ever going to see a consistent Paul Pogba in a Man Utd shirt which is a shame because, when talking about him, I feel this period of his career will be spoken about when discussing top top players. The fact he never did it in the Premier League will always be a cloud over his name.

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It’s no secret where Paul Pogba believes his future is at. His dream is to play for Real Madrid we all know that he’s told us about 10 times, whether that’s the team he’ll go to is another story. To be honest, I don’t care who he moves to as long as we get £80 million minimum (he’s near the end of his contract remember). I think that will be a good deal for United because based on performance alone Pogba’s value shouldn’t be anywhere near that.


I love football and love seeing the best football players at the top of their game, I wish it could be at United but my hope has deteriorated. It’s definitely time to part ways and build the team without him.


What do you think? Should we sell Pogba? Or Is it worth Ole Gunnar trying to keep him and build the team around him?

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