Latest Manchester United News – Do I Think Sancho Is Coming!?

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It’s been no secret that the latest Manchester United news is that the club is interested in signing Jadon Sancho, and the Dortmund winger has been flirting back with little clips on Instagram, and not giving an affirmative answer in his interviews when asked about a potential move to Manchester United. But, what is actually going on with this transfer? What’s the latest news with this transfer? And do I think he will be part of Man Utd’s starting 11 next season?

Sancho and Dortmunds Relationship


Over recent months there was speculation that Jadon Sancho and Dortmund’s relationship seemed to have taken a turn for the worse adding fuel to the fire of a potential move. Sancho was left on the bench during the times’ strong rumors were circling, however, the coach’s reply to this was “Jadon is completely tired and told the coach before the game that he had no energy to play 90 minutes. you saw that in the game”.Jando Sancho and dortmund



My take on this is that the coach was trying to play the situation down, a usual reaction for managers in these situations. I think there have defiantly been some in-house problems affecting the relationship between the club and the player.


To what extent the relationship has declined we don’t know. It could just be a simple, ‘im keeping you on the bench this game to clear your head’ kind of treatment.

Fabrizio Romano…


Fabrizio Romano is a journalist who’s is closely linked to Manchester United’s possible signings and shouldn’t be taken lightly when reporting on transfer news. Fabrizio Romano stated, that he expects Manchester United to move forward with the transfer of Jadon Sancho in the coming weeks.


Romano Said “the situation is that they are trying, really to get Jadon Sancho, they have been in contact with his agent for two months. At the moment the situation is Manchester United are at work with the player about his contract, the problem now is with Borussia Dortmund about the price, because you know this kind of situation in Europe and all the world is making it complicated”.


Promising words from a credible journalist right?

Price Tag Stumbling Block?


Now, with transfers, if the player wants the move but negations between the two clubs become a stalemate then that player doesn’t move unless he tries to force the issue which then, still doesn’t make a move definite when they’re under a contract.

Jadon Sancho to Manchester United?

Borussia Dortmund have said to want in the region of 120 million for Sancho while manchester united are only willing to pay around 80 million which is a huge difference.





As I said previously if Sancho decides he wants the move and is determined to lead in this coming transfer window whilst making it public this could drive his price tag down.

One Horse Race?


Speculation has surfaced that Sancho is only interested in a move back to England. Although it seems as Manchester United are the only team in the running for him, there have been stories coming out in the past that Liverpool,Jadon sancho Chelsea, and his former club Man City would like to acquire his services.



These days a player could look like he’s going to one club and the club he wasn’t getting linked to as much ends up being successful in the transfer. So while it looks like all the noise is around Sancho moving to Manchester United don’t put your house on it. There’s a great blog I use to keep up with Jadon Sancho’s latest transfer news with regular updates.



With teams like Chelsea already seeming to have purchased their firepower for next season by signing Ziyech and Timo Werner. I think Liverpool currently do not have the opportunities to offer Jandon Sancho with the guaranteed first-team football he wants, which paves the way for United to be the ideal candidate. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some late competition from the other big teams. Keep up here with all Premier Leagues’ completed transfers.


Personally, I think Jadon will make the transfer to Manchester United for around 100 million Euros. Now that we’ve secured Champions League football next season Sancho has a great foundation to become a Manchester United great. We’ve lacked a natural right-sided player for several years now and the legendary number 7 shirt is still vacant.


Current players at United also play a big factor, Sancho has showcased his close friendship with Marcus Rashford and Jessie Lingard so it wouldn’t take him long to settle into this Manchester United team if he was to join.


Sancho is already familiar with life in Manchester after spending 2 years there before joining Dortmund. Life plays a big part in a player’s decision to move so I don’t think this important factor will be a problem, more of an advantage.


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