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Is Ole at the Wheel? Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the right man for Manchester United?. In a time when Manchester United have lost their direction post, Sir Alex Ferguson, we need these questions answering. Since Ferguson, we’ve lacked identity in our style of play, efficiency in the transfer windows, and player recruitment among other things that have not been great in my opinion. If anything, they seem to be caring about the business side of things more than what’s going on the pitch. Anyway, that’s a whole other story in itself.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Manchester United Manager

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been the gaffer for 2 years now and with every new passing day comes a little more experience. Prior to the job, the things Ole Gunnar has over the 3 previous managers are the most important, which I’ll explain later on. Despite some high highs and some low low’s Ole’s managed to get 2 years’ experience managing Manchester United which has bought me to the conclusion, he is the right man for the job. If I’d have been asked at the start of his time I would have said no way!


Let Me Explain…


Man United has had 3 permanent managers since Ferguson (I’m not including Ryan Giggs as he wasn’t a permanent manager) first being David Moyes and at the time I was not over the moon with the decision but I was optimistic. A manager that’s stayed at a club for a long time, done well with Everton’s expectations, and targets a manager who seemed like he’s ready for the next step.


Jose Mourinho & Luis Van Gaal

However, I never liked the thought of appointing Luis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho as both good managers (although, at the time we appointed Jose Mourinho he was out-dated, and his time at managing a big club were done). Besides that, they don’t really fit into what Manchester United is about. For a start, their style of football is completely opposite to our traditional style, they offer no longevity and the types of players they like are rarely Man United type players. So, while a lot of fans got caught up in the hype because of their CV’s I had a feeling both of these appointments wouldn’t be beneficial and United only opted for these because of the pressure of needing to win a big trophy.

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The Bigger Picture


Me saying Ole Gunnar is the right man for the job is not saying he’s the finished article as I know he’s still a long way from that. My logic is, we’ve tried the high profile manager route and it never worked out, Solskjaer now, has two years of experience under his belt, and Managing Manchester United one of if not the biggest club in the world must come with quicker self-growth. Let’s be patient (within reason) and wait for him to become the right man


Let’s be honest, unless Manchester United knows something we don’t, off the basis of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s managing career he should not have even been considered a candidate even for the short intern role. If you don’t know, he was relegated for the premier league with Cardiff City and managed Molde where he won the Norwegian league twice. The first, being their first-ever one in a 100 years. You might be thinking ‘yes but its the Norwegian League’ and you might have a point but let’s not take away from the fact that all teams are still trying to win the league and they had not won it in a very very long time! (take a deeper look into his coaching managerial career here).


Ole At The Wheel Period

When Solskjaer started his intern we can all say that 14 game win streak had us all screaming to take him on a full-time basis, especially after the PSG Champions League turn around.


Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenword

I remember seeing tweets/clips of Rio Ferdinand telling Ed Woodward at Manchester United to offer him a contract. Which didn’t age well because it seems as soon as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer got the contract things went downhill, and guess what clip was used to mock us? That’s right, the Ferdinand one (it is funny watching it back to be honest. Check it out here). Then we had the wave of ‘Ole at the wheel’ banter which was also funny but, we’ve turned a corner now, no way near where we want to be but were out of the ‘constant banter zone’ at least.


Is Ole the right man for Manchester United? If not, can he become the right man? Click To Tweet

League Tables Don’t Lie


Whether you agree with this or not, this Manchester United team is the 3rd best team in the Premier League going into the new season. Why have a Premier League table if it’s nothing to go by right? I know 19/20 was a poor season in terms of team consistency bar Liverpool but Ole Gunnar has still made progression from the previous season


Ole Gunnar’s Strengths & Weaknesses


There are a few areas I think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could improve on which should come with the more high-profile games he manages but I feel he really lacks the in-game tactical awareness. His substitutions always tend to be very late in the game when there’s not much time for the player coming on to make an impact, which really frustrates me. I know our record against the top six has been good but Ole’s ability to make a tactical impact during the game stands to be questioned and it is where a lot of points are won and lost. At the very least get a tactical brain on the coaching staff.


However, what Solskjaer does have what I feel the other managers did not and what I believe are the foundations you NEED to be a Manchester United manager are:


  • Understanding the club inside out (Philosophy & values)Michael Carrick, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer & Marcus Rashford
  • Understanding the fans (he’s a fan himself)
  • Great man-management (in big teams this is vital because with big teams come big personalities)



We live in times when we can get things we want very quickly and a lot of the world’s population has developed an attitude where everything has to be instant or at least a lot quicker. The problem is, there’s no shortcut for gaining longevity success you have to endure the bumpy roads, wrong turns, and delays in traffic. That’s the same with success in football. So, me saying Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the right man is looking at the bigger picture, similar to Lampard with Chelsea, he may or may not be the right man for instant success but if they stick by him and his love and passion for the club there’s a good possibility he can bring them success for many years.


So is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the right man for the Manchester United job? Yes, Ole’s at the wheel I say!


Do you think Ole Gunnar is the right man? Do you think he could become the right man? Or is he out of his depth?

Is Ole the right man for Manchester United? If not, can he become the right man? Click To Tweet

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