Is Mason Greenwood Good Enough To Go All The Way?

mason greenwood

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Manchester United are known for their youth set-up and bringing through youngsters to play in their first team. Even if you go as far back as the Busby Babes who got their name for winning trophies with an average age of 21/22 respectfully.


Then it was the famous 1999 team, where David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, and Ryan Giggs came through together and all had long successful careers known for the famous treble-winning season. (Best ever Premier League team can believe Liverpool fans even try to say their 2020 winning squad is up for discussion).


Since the crop of 1999 United has had some promising youth players come through the system but apart from Marcus Rashford and Scott Mctominay the rest have either not quite made it or have not solidified a spot in the first team.

United has had some promising youth players come through the system but apart from Marcus Rashford and Scott Mctominay the rest have either not quite made it or have not solidified a spot in the first team. Click To Tweet

Let me refresh your memory:


Youngsters That Didn’t make it
What They Were Known for
Young Players at the club
Predicted future at The Club
Ravel Morrison



Being the player with the most potential – was tipped to go further than Pogba.
Axel Tuanzebe



Can’t get a run in the team, despite not having a strong back 4 – will always be a back-up or sold
Federick Macheda



His Goal against Aston Villa, that was a significant moment to United winning the Premier League that season.


Brandon Williams



Burst onto the scene and had a run of good form. Personally, I don’t think he’s quite good enough to have a future at Man Utd.


Adnan Januzaj


Technique and silky play. Bags of potential could produce special moments.


Taith Chong


Some first-team chances but never looked good enough. Out on loan but not getting much game time. Likely to be sold.




Timothy Fosu-Mensah





Being a tenacious defensive midfielder, never quite got his chance to play there in the first team. Played right back a few times for the first-team but wasn’t good enough.
James Garner






Still possible that this kid has a future at Manchester United. Currently showing some impressing performances out on loan.


Angel Gomes




Never really got many first-team minutes. Showed glimpses of quality -tight dribbling & awareness at times.


Mason Greeenwood

I could have easily added more youth players to this table but I personally feel these are the players that had the talent to have a career at Manchester United, but a number of different reasons for each player hindered their careers.


We have one or two youngsters coming through at the moment and Mason Greenwood is one of them. Some would argue that he’s not coming through and is now an established first-team player but either way he’s a young talent who has bags of potential.


Greenwood is still a teenager at the age of just nineteen he can literally become one of United’s best-ever players and be I genuinely believe one of the world’s best forwards. A big statement to say I know, and I don’t like overhyping players like the English media tend to do but this kid can really be something special.

Man Utd Centre Forwards


Getting a run in the center-forward position is Greenwood’s next step, however, it’s one of the hardest things to do because of the expectation and competition. His current competition is Cavani and Martial, Cavani is getting on with age and the physical demand of the Premier League means he can’t play all the time and Anthony Martial is not providing the goods so it’s a good time for Greenwood to stake his claim when he gets the chance.


We’ve seen the struggles Anthony Martial has faced trying to secure the number 9 role and the fact is, he’s been given chances but he hasn’t made the position his own. I like Martial but I know he splits fans’ opinions on whether he can be our number 9, whether he’s better on the left, or whether he should be at United full stop.


Mason Greenwood has been labeled the ‘best finisher’ at the club by Ole Gunna which is a huge statement to make and gives a major hint that he will look to play him down the middle at some point, because why would you not attempt to play your best finisher there?

What is Mason Greenwoods Preferred Foot?


Mason Greenwood can comfortably use both feet to strike the ball. Some people say he’s so both footed that you can’t Mason Greenwood

tell what foot he is but if I’m being honest, I think it’s quite clear to see that he’s left-footed. Saying that, his right foot is unbelievably good for any player let alone a player of his age. Just YouTube and see some of the goals he’s scored with his right.


It’s no secret that as a defender, defending against a player that can use both feet must be a tough challenge. The player can cut in or go on the outside at will, so the best way to defend someone like that is to force him where you (defender) have the cover or force him into traffic and no, not in the road to get him knocked over, force him to where your teammates are.

Getting a run in the center-forward position is Greenwood's next step, however, it's one of the hardest things to do because of the expectation and competition. Click To Tweet

Goal Scoring


Greenwood can score all types of goals but the goals he needs to score more of are the scrappy goals in and around the six-yard box, we all know Greenwood can score goals from all angles now he needs to work on getting them real striker goals, that’s what’s going to take him to the next level and add extra 10 goals to his tally.


I know Greenwood is not the biggest of players and won’t win many headers but that’s where clever strikers find Mason greenwood, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford

space in the box with their movement to be able to sniff out headed chance. If he can score 5 headers in a season that’s 15 goals extra he’d have just from working on his movement and being in the right places when the ball is at a certain part of the pitch.


He also has a seasoned striker in Cavani that he can learn from. Cavani has scored all types of strikers goals and has done all his career and his movement in the box is something Greenwood should look to emulate, in fact, not just greenwood, Martial, and Rashford too.


Robin Van Persie Comparisson’s


It’s not only me that’s notices this a lot of the football world see comparisons in Mason Greenwood with Robin Van Persie. The way he moves, controls the ball, and shoots are much like RVP. Even Though RVP wasn’t at Manchester United for long what he achieved with us in that short space of time will always be remembered for


 1) We won the Premier League title. It was Van Persie’s first season with Manchester United and  Sir Alex Ferguson’s last season managing the club. It was written in the stars.


2) Manchester United won their 20th league title which took us ahead of Liverpool and RVP was a major reason why.

Comments on Greenwood


Following from above, Robin Van Persie himself said

“I think he will be very good because during every game he tries to copy me.”

“My style, my technique, my left foot, my way of finishing… so, I’m sure he will end up well.” – (Talk Sport)


Jason Cundy

“We are looking at the best academy player since George Best

“Of course it’s early days but from what I have seen from this young man, the composure, the ability to take both feet, the way he changes direction

“Young players have this air of unbelievable confidence and he will know one day what failure does feel like because he is hasn’t tasted it yet. But wow, he is something else.” – (Talk Sport)


Phill Neville 

“You know the difference between Greenwood compared to Martial and Rashford is that Greenwood is a natural, ruthless finisher.

“You see the stepovers there, he shoots between his [the defender’s] legs like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer used to do.

“I think this kid’s got a massive future. I think he has everything.

“He plays a little Robin van Persie like in terms of his style. His legs are similar, the way he graces the field. His composure and finishing is as good as anything at that club.” – (Talk Sport)

The way he moves, controls the ball, and shoots are much like RVP. Click To Tweet



So, is Mason Greenwood good enough to go all the way? I would definitely say yes he is.


At this point in time, I would say Mason Greenwood is a wonder-kid. Regardless if he’s an established first-team player, he’s still very young.


Greenwood has bags of natural talent and it’s only himself that can prevent him from being a world-class player. You know what they say, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.


Already Mason has been in the media for some things in his personal life and being at a team like Manchester United, unfortunately, he has to expect more of this and keep focused because this side of football can really make or break a career.


Greenwood has shown so far has shown all the attributes physically and mentally to go all the way, the 2021/2022 season is going to be a significant season for him. He is at the best football club to learn the do’s and dont’s so if he carries on doing what he’s doing I think Manchester United could have one of their best ever players on their hands.

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