Manchester United On This Day Book – Review

Manchester United On This Day Book

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Being a Manchester United fan you’re always going to get the banter that comes along with it, the whole ‘you’re a glory supporter’, ‘armchair fan’, and ‘have you ever been to Old Trafford?’ I mean, the list goes on when it comes to what other fans have to say about us.


There are other ways to be in touch with your team and learn about the club’s history as well. Not everyone can afford or has the time to go to football games or buy the latest football shirt especially these days, they’re very pricey!


Here’s just one of the ways I learn about the history of Manchester United…


Manchester United On This Day Book


Every United fan Needs the 'Manchester United On This Day' book. Full of history, facts & figures for every day f the year! Click To Tweet

Taking the points above into consideration, I am going to do a review on a book I purchased called ‘Manchester United On This Day’.


This book is solely about Manchester United and it provides you with history, facts, and figures for every day of the year. Some go back decades so, each day throughout the year you can read one a day and become more in touch with Manchester United’s history.


There are some facts that go back all the way to the 18th century and give you an insight into what football was like back then. After reading this book you will definitely be well-stocked with Manchester United’s history, even after reading it once there are some things that stood out to me which I now remember off by heart.


You don’t need to be a huge reader to read this book as the layout is in doses of small paragraph for each fact. (see example below).


On This Day – 28-11-1973


“Ryan Joseph Wilson – who goes on to adopt his mother’s maiden name and become a Manchester United legend – is born at St David’s Hospital in Cardiff to Danny Wilson, a rugby union player with the city’s club, and Lynne Giggs. When Ryan is six his family moves to Swinton, a town within the city of Salford, where his father switches rugby codes to the league (going on to become a Wales international). Ryan plays football for local side Dean’s FC. He joins Manchester City’s school of excellence after being recommended to the club by their scout Dennis Schofield, who coaches him at Deans.” – Manchester United On This Day (Donavon, 2012).


This is an example taken directly from the book. You can see what kind of information you will be expecting and the size of the paragraphs you will be reading.

Every United fan Needs the 'Manchester UnitedOn This Day' book. Full of history, facts & figures for every day f the year! Click To Tweet



This book would be a great gift to a Manchester United fan and you can check out more gift ideas here.


As I stated previously, the book is a great book if you’re not a huge reader. All throughout the book is separate paragraphed information so whatever you are using this book for it will not take loads of your time to get through. You’ll find instant history facts and figures, you’re not going to find huge amounts of text like you would in a storybook.


Providing useful information on every day of the year, this book will surely have you more clued up about the history of Manchester United. I love to see visuals in books and the fact this book doesn’t have any visuals apart from when introducing a new chapter is disappointing. Pictures to go with the short paragraphs would have been much more effective and entertaining.


Personally, I bought this book because I wanted subject ideas to write about and this book has provided me loads of ideas but what this book has done is loaded my memory with a lot of useful and random things about Manchester United. Even to the point that when I am getting called a glory supporter or anything along the lines I do quickly shut them up with the amount of history I know about my club.


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