Ever been questioned why you support your team? Well, I have too!. So, already we have something in common. Being a Manchester United supporter, living in the Midlands I was always questioned in different ways on why I supported Manchester United and people often assumed I was a ‘glory supporter’ or not a ‘real fan’.


Supporting manchester united in my customised football product

Now, here’s a little story. Growing up my dad was not an active figure in my life (you might be thinking what’s this go to do with the team you support) well, often if your dad is a football fan, the children tend to support the same team. They go to football games together, buy you your first football top as a young child, take you to football practice and all the other stuff.

I never had any of this influence. Just a young kid who loved football searching for a team to support. I fell in love with Manchester United (some will say glory supporter) but I beg to differ! The first football gift I received was a Manchester United hat, and yes it’s only a hat but it was my first football-related item I was ever given, ever since then, they have been my team.


Anyway, the reason I made Cyber Footy, is because one day I stopped and thought ‘if I’m getting asked these questions, other supporters must be too, whoever they support. I know Manchester United has a fan base all over the world. So, I wanted to make a platform for not only them but football fans who have been in a similar situation.


Cyber Footy is predominantly going to be content around Manchester United however, I am a football fan who loves the game. So, even if you don’t support Man United you will still find unique and interesting content here.


The reason I say unique is that you won’t just find the same regurgitated stories and opinions you see on every other football blog. If you want biased views towards Man United and someone that sugarcoats the truth then you’re in the wrong place. As you can see, I’m just a normal guy but I’m straight up, opinionated, and love a debate. I can relate to a lot of football supporters on all levels and often have great discussions with football fans from all over.


I did make the Cyber Footy website for you. So, I’d love for nothing more than for you to engage, leave comments, and share any posts that you may like.