Who’s Going To Win The Premier League 2021-2022

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premier league trophy

The beauty of football and the reason I love it so much is you never know what’s going to happen. So to answer a question like Who’s going to win the Premier League 2021-2022 season is basically just a guess.


Course you can give you an answer with some logical thought process behind it, for example, you can gather all the statistics over the previous seasons and come to a point where you find who’s more likely to win the league but that just turns a guess into an educated guess (I’m doing the latter).


Let’s be honest, at the start of the 2020/21 season who would’ve thought Man City would be 22 points ahead of Liverpool with Liverpool fighting to get into a top 6 position (currently speaking). And if you did predict this start betting on the lottery numbers asap or even better, tell me the lottery numbers.


Before I get into the nitty-gritty to answer this question is hard as it is but to answer this question before the transfer window makes it even harder. We don’t know what players are coming and going for each team also are certain managers still going to be at their respective clubs going into the 2021-2022 season.


So, who will win the Premier League? I don’t know. Who do I think will win the Premier League? Is a question I can answer.


Let’s start with the previous title winners Liverpool who are doing a terrible job defending their title this season (20/21)

Let's be honest, at the start of the 2020/21 season who would've thought Man City would be 22 points ahead of Liverpool Click To Tweet

Can Liverpool Win The Premier League?

I’m all about keeping honest, yes I might throw in a little jab here and there but I think Liverpool’s rubbish attempt Mo salah and Mane celebrating

at defending the Premier League title is largely down to the number of injuries they’ve had, and the obvious one being to Van Djik which happened early on in the season.


Side note: I really don’t like Jordan Pickford so I’m with you on this one Liverpool fans


They’ve had no centre backs for near enough a whole season with Van Dijk and Gomes out for the season, and throughout the season they had injuries to other key players. Anyway, my point is, I expect Liverpool to be a much better next season when they have a full squad back.


However, some Liverpool fans reckon once they get their injuries back it’s back to business as usual like injuries are the only reason their mid-table but I think Liverpool have one or two things they need to address but I’m not going to talk about what that is let Klopp figure that out for himself.


This Manchester City Team…

I know it’s easy to say this because Manchester City are currently running away with the 20/21 league but I guess season predictions are influenced by what a team has performed in the previous season.


Regardless of the league, what I’m noticing about Man City is they finally look like they’ve replaced all the big players Phil Foden

that left the club and they not only replaced them with quality but young quality, Phil Foden is the one that stands out the most who still got well over a decade left of his career.


What you don’t want is Pep Guardiola forming another team that could dominate the Premier League. Once Pep gets his team glued and playing to how he wants, it’s going to be hard for anyone to stop them and we’re seeing clues of that this season they won 21 games in a row, not 10, not 19 (a record held by Liverpool) but 21!


I think Man City have their foundation in place, they have a good squared and now the spine of the team (CB-CM-CF) is strong and has years left in it is quite worrying.

Once Pep gets his team glued and playing to how he wants, it's going to be hard for anyone to stop them Click To Tweet

Will Man United Win The Premier League?

I really really can’t put my finger on this Manchester United team, there are things from this season to say why we could have a strong chance of winning the league next season but there are also things to say why we won’t be anywhere near challenging.


Man Utd has one of the best attacks in the Premier League that don’t seem like one of the best attacks and by that I mean, we as a team have scored more than anyone apart from Man City. So we are scoring goals but when you watch our attack a lot of the time is really not easy on the eye, no fluidity or anything.


victor lindelof

United defence leaks so many goals and silly goals too. In terms of goals conceded United have a bottom half of the table defence I don’t know who you guys think has to be dropped but Maguire and Lindelof will not win us a title I don’t care what attack we have.



The famous saying still stands, “Attack wins you games, defence wins you titles.” – Sir Alex Ferguson.


We’ve all that being said Man Utd are currently 2nd in the league, I know it’s been a weird season for everyone but the fact is, we are 2nd and I guess the next step for that is to win the Premier League or at least challenge.

Who’s Going To Win The Premier League 2021-2022 Click To Tweet

Chelsea To Win The League…

Chelsea are unpredictable and strong at the same time if that makes sense. I remember when they won the league, came 10th the next season, then won the league the season after that. This is the most Chelsea-ist thing ever!


I don’t want to talk about signings at this moment because like I said, I don’t know what player is going where but what I can be quite sure of is they will be active in the transfer window. They do always tend to back their new managers with a couple of signings, even Lampard an inexperienced manager got a hefty transfer kitty.


ziyech vs brighton

Chelsea’s current squad is good but like any team, there’s some areas they can improve. Let’s not forget a couple of Chelsea’s signings are still in their first season, and there’s this thing about players should be allowed a season to adapt. Taking this into consideration, a couple of Chelsae signings could really show what they’re about in the 21/22 season.

Currently speaking,  I do think they have enough to be in with a mention. Next season is going to be another weird season and as I said, Chelsea is a team that can pop out of nowhere.


Wild Cards


Leicester have to be in with a shout, a small shout, but still a shout, no? Maybe a whisper?. In all seriousness Leicester shouldn’t be looked over, for the simple fact, the club is run so well internally. This can give a team an advantage going into any season and what the Foxes currently have that’s working well for them are:


Some would say Leicester is a small club, it’s definitely a small city so these factors are extremely important to them, and as you can see their current position (3rd) it seems to be paying off.



The Toffees are another team how I consider as a wild card, Carlo Ancelotti is a high profile manager and players Carlo Ancelotti Everton manager

want to play for him. Ancelotti only joined Everton in 2019 and is in a position to better last seasons finish and they are battling for a top 4 spot.


Taking this into consideration, Everton are likely to improve again next season assuming Ancelotti remains manager. That’s why I threw them in as a wild card because if they don’t make the top 4 this season, that will definitely be their target for next season and who knows what can happen from there.


To be honest, I’ve always said Everton should do better than they have been doing in previous years as in breaking into the top 4. The last time they made the Champions league position was the 2004/2005 season under David Moyes so they should be breaking into the top four at least.


West Ham

Speaking of David Moyes, he’s come back the manager that he was at Everton, after his time in charge at Manchester United the question was always how’s he going to bounce back and he’s proving that he’s not done as a manager.


Going by this season West Ham deserve to be a wild card for next season. The thing about West Ham is, they don’t have any players that you would you say is clearly above the rest, like when they had Payet for example but they have a strong, physical team that are technically sound.

Going by this season West Ham deserve to be a wild card for next season. Click To Tweet

What About The North London Clubs?

The reason why I haven’t included Arsenal and Spurs is that me personally, I don’t see these teams being able to provide a shock next season at all, that’s not me saying the teams I have mentioned will finish about them, I am just saying the other teams seem more likely to provide that rise of the underdog.



My reasons for Tottenham is simple really. Jose Mourinho is the manager. I just know some people are going to come with the ‘he’s guarantee’s a trophy’ talk and I am not disputing that. What I am disputing is his ability to win a league title with his style of play.


Jose’s style of play can be successful in a cup run where not many games are required to reach the final but in the modern game, for a Premier League title, his style is majorly outdated and simply not sustainable.



Arsenal are just Arsenal. I literally don’t imagine them winning the league at the best of times so when talking about this current team and manager, I just don’t see it at all. Sorry Gunners.

Jose's style of play can be successful in a cup run where not many games are required to reach the final but in the modern game, for a Premier League title, his style is majorly outdated and simply not sustainable. Click To Tweet


So who do I think is going to win the Premier League 2021-2022 season? I reckon Man City.

Some might say I’m choosing the easy option because of how they’ve performed this season, which yes, is part of my reason but I genuinely feel they’ve got their mojo back now for the next two or three years. Not to say they’ll win the league in all them years but I think they’ll be in and around the top.


Yes, Liverpool have injuries and have been unlucky all through the season but that’s football. They’ll be stronger next season but their problems run a bit deeper than the injuries they have sustained and I think an honest Liverpool fan would agree.


Man United are constantly winning games by individual brilliance rather than good team play which is never going to be enough. They play well as a team in spells but Ole Gunnar needs to find a way to get them to dominate games. He also needs to improve his results against the top teams.


Chelsea might, just might, be one to watch next season. When you look at their squad they have real squad depth maybe just lacking a prolific goalscorer. The new manager Tunchel will be looking forward to his first full season managing the club and will be looking to make his mark.


All the wild cards individually have their own reasons why I count them in for a shout but what they all have in common are good managers and good teams that are proving they are ready to kick on to the next level.


What do you think is going to win the Premier League 2021-2022 season? (honest answers only). Also, let me know who you’re wild card team is as well.

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