What Manchester United Player Am I? – What Manchester United Player Are You?

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I’ve always wanted to do a ‘What Manchester United Player Am I?‘ post because it makes you think What manchester united player am i?

about the different parts of your game that you have similar to players, whether it’s a physical attribute, mentally or body language.


While I’m discussing this and explaining my reasons you should think about the question ‘what Manchester United player are you?’ then by the end of the post hopefully you’ve got an idea of the player that you think you’re most like and be able to leave it in the comments section below.


I’m not just going to talk about what I think about myself, I’m going to include what coaches have said to me in the past, about what I’m good at and what I need to improve on then, apply it to the Manchester United player I feel it relates to most.


Also, I know there might be some non-United fans reading this, if so, you can always apply the same theory to your team and see who your most similar to, or alternatively, you can start supporting Manchester United 😉


Note: I am choosing players based on who I’m most like in similarities I have in my game. I am not saying I’m anywhere near as good as these players or saying that I can play in the Premier League or anything. This is more of a fun self-analysis and applying to top-class professionals to show that even the best players have room for improvement.

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My Position – Attacker 


First of all, I’m an attacking player so the Manchester United player I’m most like will definitely be one of the attacking players. Yes, I might have some parts to my game that is similar to a player that’s not so attacking but the final outcome will definitely be an attacking player.


So, let me list what positions I play in order, from my main position to positions I can play (cover).


  1. Wing forward (WF)
  2. Centre forward (CF)
  3. Wing (RW & LW)
  4. Centre midfield (CAM)


I know there’s not a player in the Manchester United team that can play in these 4 positions, What manchester united player am i? bruno fernandes

especially Premier League football level but, if there was one player who is closest to playing these positions who would it be?


In my opinion, the player closest to be able to play these positions is Bruno Fernandes. He plays centre attacking midfield but often drifts out to a left-wing forward position, and also showed spells during games where he’s been like a false number 9.


My Football Strengths



My pace on and off the ball is my biggest strength and by that I mean I’m usually the fastest on the team I play for. So if you’ve ever played Pro Evolution soccer I’d probably be described as a speed demon.


Man Utd have a few fast attackers, Daniel James for example. I do think Daniel James is the fastest What manchester united player am i? daniel james

player in the team without the ball but with the ball often becomes unstuck and can’t get away from defenders. Marcus Rashford on the other hand is explosive with and without the ball which would make me sway towards him when assigning my pace to a player.



Player alike – Marcus Rashford



Hold & Link-up play

My hold up and link up play is always appreciated by any manager I play under. To have a striker that can run the channels, stretch defenders with their pace but also be able to ping the ball 40-50 yards for them to hold it and get the team up the pitch is quite rare.


A lot of my game involves bringing players into play and link up forms of attacks. I think Tony Martial What manchester united player am i? Edinson cavani

goes under the radar with this side of his game, he links play up so well and good is with his back to goal. However, with the new arrival of Cavani, I think the Uruguayan has shown his class as a target man and edges Martial in this department.

One thing I do believe is that Tony Martial will definitely improve his role as a number 9 with Cavani being there. Some fans think it will hinder Martial but I think a mentor who’s been there and done it is exactly what Martial needs.



Player alike: Cavani





I’m one of them players that rarely get injured and rarely misses games. I take pride in my physical condition and if I’m being honest, going to the gym regularly was not to help me with football it was just because I genuinely love working out. Luckily its helped me with the football side of things. Managers can more or less count on me to play 90% of games during a season of course unless it’s an injury like a broken bone or an injury that’s impossible to play with.


I know Bruno Fernandes hasn’t been at Manchester United for a major long time but for the time he has

been here, he’s hasn’t been injured once! And I think he’s played minutes in every game since he’s been at United.


Marcus Rashford is another player that’s rarely injured due to his conditioning. The way he looks after his body and his leanness is why I think I’m mostly like Rashford. You can tell he’s worked on his physical appearance and strength (look at his physique when he burst onto the scene under Luis Van Gaal). Aslo, you can see how it has helped him on the pitch, similar to me.


Player alike: Marus Rashford

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My Football Weaknesses



I really didn’t want to put this as my weakness because me personally, I feel I put my effort in on the pitch but as I said, I’m going to be honest and consider what coaches have told me previously.


Quite a few times by different managers have told me they need to see more effort on this pitch and I What manchester united player am i? tony martial

look like I’m not interested (it really annoys me) because it’s always far from the truth. You get players who’s mannerisms are just naturally like that, that’s their personality, laid back, unproblematic, and chilled out. Manchester United have had a few of these kind of players, Dimitar Berbatov, Paul Pogba, and Anthony Martial.


Out of the current players at United, I would say I’m closest to Tony Martial in this category because I think that he is very much misunderstood. He’s just a generally quiet, laid-back person and that’s what is shown on this pitch. I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve seen him smile. Some see it as he’s ‘not in the mood to play’ or ‘doesn’t fancy it, this game’ which I think is far from the truth.


I’m similar because I just want to turn up, play the game, and go home. I’m pretty much an introvert. I love the game and always put the effort in on the pitch no matter what it looks like. However, I acknowledge it’s a comment made by more than one manager therefor, it’s something I have to have a look at and work on.



Player alike: Anthony Martial



Weaker foot

Another weakness is the usage of my left foot. Now, I’m not a player who will never use their left foot under any circumstance, but I rarely use it willingly. Maybe 90% of the time I use my left foot is because I’ve been forced to use it by the defender.


So which Manchester United attacking player does this most sound like? In my opinion, it’s either Daniel James or Tony Martial the rest of the attacking players will pretty much use their weaker foot willingly.


Because I use mine if I’m forced to, I’m going to say this is more what Martial does rather than Daniel James, I think James is hesitant to use his left foot even when it’s his only option.



Player alike: Anthony Martial



Natural goal scoring

A big weakness of mine is goal scoring, I mean the real striker goals, in and around the six-yard box or if I’m playing as a wing-forward then coming in at the back post to pounce on crosses from the opposite flank.


Before the 2020 season started not having a natural goal scorer was a big worry amongst United What manchester united player am i? greenwood & rashford

fans and rightly so. The closest we had to that was Mason Greenwood who is much too young to rely on.


Signing Cavani on deadline day raised some eyebrows. One, because it was most certainly a panic signing and two, because he’s 33 and suffers from injuries quite a lot. Anyway, so far it looks like a signing that is paying off, and the goals he’s scored so far are definitely goals of a natural goal scorer.


Marcus Rashford and Tony Martial are the ones who need to score more poachers’ goals. I’d say more Rashford than Martial because Martial does score them just not as often as he should. However, Rashford hardly ever scores poachers’ goals, and he’s just not a natural goal scorer and neither am I, which is a major weakness for us both.


Player alike: Marcus Rashford

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I am fully aware that if I was to do this with all my football strengths and weaknesses the outcome may be different. Remember, I narrowed it down to attacking players from the start in case you forgot and wondering why only certain players are mentioned.


As you can see from my three strengths and three weaknesses certain names appear more than others (Marcus Rashford & Tony Martial) This is interesting because before writing the post I would not have thought the final answer would be what it is.

What Manchester United player are you? Analyse your football strengths and weaknesses Click To Tweet

Being honest with yourself and honest about what past managers have said about you and what you need to improve opens your eyes a bit more. Relating it to a professional is a good way to accept your flaws because you realise it’s things players have at all types of levels. Also, being honest and transparent helps you to come to a clear and fair result without it being manipulated.


So, the question is what Manchester United player am I? And the answer is Marcus Rashford.


During this post, I asked you to think of What Manchester United player you are so I hope you’ve got an answer if you have, comment the player below.

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