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Statman Dave is a Youtuber who creates content about football a lot of content is Manchester United related but his unbiased views and the way he breaks down the beautiful game discussing tactics, analysis, and players in the biggest Statman Dave's Twitter

matches across all European leagues.


His videos stem back to five years ago when he was recording videos in what looked like his room and doing match previews with a pen and paper. That being said, his content was still quality at that point. His journey, progression, and great videos are just some reasons I wanted to do a post and shed some light on his great work.


We’re living in times where football bloggers are becoming more a credential voice than TV pundits. This is because their, raw, honest, and instant approach relates to most football fans. Football bloggers tend to have a lot more freedom of speech and don’t shy away or dance around sticky topics.

I think stats are one of many things ruining the game but if you're going to use them, use them like Statman Dave Click To Tweet

Statistics and football


Now, I am not a huge fan of football statistics because in the modern game a lot of football fans use statistics only to support their opinion on whether a certain player is good or not or whether a certain team should have won that game. Although, statistics are facts they can be used in a way to manipulate, and are only one part of the game.


(Here’s an article where I discuss who’s better out of Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard & Frank Lampard without the use of statistics) 


For example, a player might have 5 interceptions in a game which would indicate a great level of anticipations when in reality 3 of them interceptions could have been some really poor passes from the opposition.


football statistics


A midfielder could cover the most ground on the football pitch with the most touches, statistics would say this is good right? but in reality, during the game, he lacked discipline and awareness and the opposition benefited from the spaces he vacated.


This is why I really like Statman Dave’s outlook on the game. He combines football statistics with his own views and analysis. He doesn’t rely on one or the other, he provides multiple examples to support what he is saying.

I think stats are one of many things ruining the game but if you're going to use them, use them like Statman Dave Click To Tweet

Football Tactics Explained


Football tactics

Statman Dave also looks at football tactics, the previous one being Bayerns 4-2-3-1 explainedHe does this with a lot of teams and breaks down how they set up with and without the ball. Covering formation change in attack and defence, the art of the press (retrieving the ball), and much more. If you watch this video the go back and watch the Champions League final you’ll see exactly what Statman Dave is talking about.


I have a wide knowledge of football and love to compare and contrast. So, at times I may not agree with Statman Dave but it’s good to listen to someones else’s knowledge on the game.


Features and credentials


Statman Dave’s consistency has led him to present a show called Box to Box. This show is on the official Manchester United YouTube channel broadcasted to their 3.1 million subscribers. He has interviewed players like Harry Maguire, Nemanja Matic, and Aaron Wan-Bissaka to name a few.


Statman Dave has also featured on BBC Live Sport Radio, where you can listen to him on the Fantasy 606 podcast.


These are huge platforms to be on, which shows the big corporations are taking notice of him and his knowledge within the game.


Statman Dave’s social media


I first came across Statman Dave on YouTube. His YouTube videos are filled with so much quality views even if you don’t have the same opinion as him you still understand the points he wants to make.


He goes into depth about how certain players could play together, how a team could line up and the tactics they might use to get a result, scout reports on players, his view on who a team should sign to improve, and in-depth match statistics.


Statman Dave has a large social media following and is active across multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and his own website. However, YouTube for me, is where I like to keep up to date with his latest videos.


His Twitter is mainly used for player stats and promoting his football manager streams and his FM FRIDAYS.


He is not as active on Facebook as he is on YouTube & Twitter. His Facebook is mainly video content which can likely be found on his YouTube channel under the videos tab.


His Instagram usage is similar to Twitter. Although, he does post stories here, which has some interesting highlighted stories too, where you get a little insight into his life travels and the genuine type of guy he seems.


Linkedin is where you see the professional side of Dave and who he has worked with in the past. Also, where you can contact him for business queries.


His own website is where all his content is, from stories, blogs, and videos.

I think stats are one of many things ruining the game but if you're going to use them, use them like Statman Dave Click To Tweet



With a combined 456,000 subscribers across his social media channels, Statman Dave is a person held in high regard when it comes to football analysis. His understanding of the game along with his fair and honest approach is why so many football fans look for his opinion on football-related topics.


If you’re into football and I would recommend you follow Statman Dave on any of his socials that suit you best. He really opens up your mind about how a team can exploit the opposition and it makes you watch a football game in a more tactical way, rather than just a spectacle.

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12 thoughts on “Like The Use Of Football Statistics? Then Checkout Statman Dave!

  1. Nice of you to support Statman Dave, Kurtes.

    Getting real and accurate, game and player information is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Pundits have to be crystal “clean” about how they describe anything nowadays. No one can express their true feelings about anything, anymore.

    While this will easily make a grown man puke, it has its benefits, and one of these benefits is birthing a new breed of people who love and understand the game they describe. 

    Eventually, the cream comes to the top. Much respect for sharing Statman Dave with the world of football. 


    1. I agree Paul, true feeling and opinions have taken a back seat which is sad to see.

       I’m not a major fan of the whole statistic obsessed world as statistics can be manipulating from the reality but when used correctly they are definitely helpful.


  2. Hey Kurtes. Very interesting article. Im big football fan, watching games every week and always willing to learn something more about my favorite sport. To be fair I have not heard before about Statman Davel channel, but it seems as a knowledge treasury for all football fans. Looking forward to get more familiar with all these interesting information. Thank you for great post!

  3. I agree that statistics in a game don’t mean much as they need to be analyzed further to understand how these came to be. That’s why usually in order for a statistic to be more accurate you take into account multiple games or even whole seasons where they show more accurate of a player’s performance. Because as you said in a specific game some statistic may happen due to many unexpected factors but this becomes less frequent if you take into account a large period of time.

  4. I found StatMan Dave’s YouTube channel by accident. I wanted to learn more about the game called “soccer” in the US that’s known around the world as “football”.  I felt like a kid on his first day of kindergarten taking a Master’s class. I had to write down and look up terms I didn’t understand. Every once in a while, I find myself back there trying to learn more. My education is currently INCOMPLETE! I’m glad to see others appreciate StatMan Dave’s knowledge (obviously from a much more nuanced perspective).

    1. Hi William, Good to hear someone in the US has come across Statman Dave! Yes, I learn a lot from him too, the way he breaks down the game and the different strategies that managers use.

      Haha I’m sure you’ll be very knowledgeable with it all soon 

  5. I am a huge football fan and regularly watch the games.  I used to bet on the players, etc.  So the stats would have come in handy.  Now, I just enjoy the game.  I guess I am not really into the stats anymore.  Knowing about Statman Dave will come in handy should I decide to get back into it. 

    1. Haha, I’ve never looked at it like that but yeah you’re right Statman Dave would be helpful for placing educated bets. I bet sometimes myself so ill definitely take this into consideration

  6. I respect your site and I have read good posts here. So when you pointed out to Statman Dave, I had to go check him. It’s good he doesn’t take stats in a way that many do, just taking it as a final word!

    I went over to Statman Dave’s site and read his post on “How Bruno Fernandes has improved Manchester United in tactics Explained” and loved it!

    1. Yeah statistics can be helpful but also manipulating so I also like how he doesn’t just take it as the final word. I have read that post too Paolo, it’s great.

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