Manchester United Team – Next Title Winners?

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Right now the Manchester United fan base has our tails wagging over the current form of this Manchester United team. So much that, exciting talks have already started to take place about how far we can go next season and can we, in fact, go all the way under Ole Gunnar?

The Premier League is a very very competitive league, with high-intensity temp and a very demanding fixture list, especially when you go far in cup competitions.

I am going to give my thoughts and opinions on if Manchester United can win the league next season (I want to hear your thoughts & opinions too!). First, we have to look at our team as it stands right now, as current transfer rumours are not a definite addition. Secondly, I’ll cover the areas we need to improve and add depth. Finally, I’ll share the players who I think fit best with the team we already have.

The spotlights on the Manchester United Team Next Season


The spotlight is very much on Manchester united to perform next season yes, mostly through the fault of our own with the decline since 2013 post-Sir Alex Ferguson which is when Manchester United last won the league title.sir alex ferguson's last premier league trophy

But, to add more salt to the wound, now Liverpool has just won their first title in 30 years! And, it may not be his fault but it was under the nose of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a former Manchester United legend.


Now, I really didn’t want to mention Liverpool in this :(, it’s as hard for me to write as it is for you to read but the fact is Liverpool are now 1 away from equaling our 20 league titles. As a fan, it would be easy for me to say Manchester United are good enough to win the league with this squad but I want to be honest and realistic with you about this.


Now, sadly, again I have to quickly talk about the teams ahead of us in the league. Manchester City, although ageing they still possess a whole load of quality throughout the squad not just their first 11. I will keep it fair and not talk about future signings because these things are not definite, however, they are still an added pressure to united as they are a direct rival.


No disrespect, but I am not going to talk about Leicester as I think Man Utd will finish higher than them this season and I don’t think they will make the top 4 next seasons either. So lastly it’s Chelsea. I know I said I wouldn’t talk about transfers but some of Chelsea transfers have been finalised, like Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner. As it stands Chelsea are currently ahead of us in the league and are heavily stacked with quality attacking options for next season.


Question marks over some players?

IF we could choose a first 11 that was able to play every game of the season and pick up no injuries I would put this Manchester United team up there to challenge for the Premier League next season but yes I know, the percentage of a first 11 playing every single game with no injuries is more or less impossible.


Manchester United simply have too much ‘deadwood’ in the squad. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but when we make a substitution and it’s one of our attacking players (especially in the midfield) our performance level drops dramatically. We have not quality depth in the attacking areas of the pitch. So depth is needed.


Also, Manchester United have three or four areas of the pitch that are still questionable to win the league with this 11. The first two positions are the goalkeeper and Left back. I am starting with these because personally, I think we can still win a premier league with these two players. There may be better players out there but in all honesty, you don’t need the best in every position.


David De Gea and who has raised a few questions about whether he is still good enough to be a Manchester United number 1. My opinion is, yes I think he is. I have faith in De Gea and feel next season will be his make or break. Here’s an article about what Manchester United’s greatest ever keeper, Peter Schmeichel had to say. If his errors continue into next season then I think patience will run out and it will be his last season as Manchester United number 1. As for Luke Shaw, he doesn’t really bomb down the left flank like you’re modern-day full-back. Is he the left-back we all expected him to become? Never the less, left-back is not a priority but a position that needs competition.


Then it’s our centre back pairing. Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire have a decent relationship that could get you top four but I’m not confident they can win you the league (Ole Gunnar seems to think so) but for me, I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a centre back pairing that you could almost count on to win you the league. The pair majorly lack pace and I feel one quick CB is vital in a Premier League teams success. We do have Eric Bailly & Axel Tuanzebe who I rate but I just don’t see them ever staying fit.


While Mason Greenwood is in great form and has an unlimited amount of potential, the whole Manchester United fan base can’t wait to see the player he’s going to turn into.Mason Greenwood

But, to ask an 18-year-old to keep a certain level of standard throughout what would be his full debut season is a very tough ask. We have Daniel James who would be his direct replacement on the right, but again, I don’t think he is near ready to the point we can count on him to be a reliable option.


Lastly, it’s the centre forward position. Tony Martial literally splits the fan base. One side thinks he can be and is the answer to our centre forward goal scoring problems. The other side feels he will never be good enough to be a Manchester united centre forward. Martial has never scored more than 20 Premier League goals in a season and comparing him to our past centre forwards and their goals return the Martial doubters have a strong point. I think we should give Tony Martial a full season in the centre forward position, I personally think he can be our answer. His finishing and link-up play when played in that position should not be looked over.


Who & what do we need

Manchester United need to strengthen the squad, we need to be able to bring quality from the bench and good replacements for when injuries arise. Here are four signings I feel Manchester United need to make to be strong title contenders:


(I saw a great Youtube video about how Manchester United can win the league and the players they should sign and we both have near-identical views.


The Board


Now, the problem with Manchester United is, our transfer activity hasn’t been efficient for a while now, we take far too long to finalise deals which eats up a lot of our transfer window. I really don’t see us making four signings in the transfer window. On the bright side, I think we will definitely sign two players in the window.





While we strengthen our team everyone else will be as well but, this Manchester United Team are on to something great I can see it, I can feel it. Ole Gunnar is building something here, next season is more of a ‘shortening the gap’ season so I don’t think Manchester United will win the league. However, the season after is where I will fully expect United to win the Premier League if not win, be a close challenge right to the end. As an honest expectancy, I believe Machester United will win the league title within the next three years.


If you like this post please share and leave a comment, on who you think we should sign and the priority areas we need to strengthen. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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95 thoughts on “Manchester United Team – Next Title Winners?

  1. It’s gonna take a world class pacey CB. A 20 goal striker and additional pacey winger IMO to challenge LFC and MCFC. There’s a sense of maturity developing within the squad that needs to be nurtured and added to. There won’t be a title next season, but United of old may not be too far away….

  2. Well, I am not a fan of the club but I guess I can say a couple of things. It seems like the club is really making a big wave which I think makes the fans very happy. Since January, they could be topping the premier league table with the points they have gathered which is good. There are quality players both young and youthful so yes, I think they can really make a wave come next campaign but they have some really though competition ahead of them as well.

  3. I am absolutely not in the world of football or soccer. And I am not sure if I understand anything about it but yes I hope that your team will definitely go through the competition and win! 🙂 

    However, I have some friends who worked with me on cruise ships and I know that many of them were supporting Manchester. That’s all I know lol 

  4. I  have very little interest in football and manchester United. The article covers all the bases for a football fan but more importantly For the Red Devils, Manchester United. The article reads well and has lots of facts rather than just opinion. There was one point I could take an interest in Football after reading this.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing a beautiful, informative article with us. The principal element of this article is MANCHESTER UNITED TEAM. It’s really amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I have learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about it. I like Can we win the league next season? of the points mentioned in your article. This Manchester United team is one of my favorite teams that I watch every game. This team has a bond and strength that will definitely win the cup there next.
    I’ve read your article and enjoyed it and I’d like to share it with my friends by posting it in the Facebook community so that everyone knows about your article and gets to know it.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the article, I hope we can win the cup too, you’re right about the bond it’s developing! You’re welcome to share and thanks for taking the time to read.

  6. De Gea is not done! Well, at least not yet. Please make it two more years David! I agree though, he has to do well to stay on the roster. I like your choices for future signings, especially Jadon Sancho. Young, but what a bright future! I’m not as sure about Wilfred Ndidi, but then again… a great defensive midfielder is hard to find. Love your thoughts and enthusiasm for our Manchester United Team! 

    1. Haha, I can stretch to 2 years since he’s been such a great servant to the club. Yes, a solid DM is very hard to come by in the modern game. Maybe we need to sort out our scouting system like the old days?

      Thanks! Stay in touch.

  7. Hello there, I am not a manchester united fam but i definately know a good team when i see one, and with the like of pogba and bruno fernandes who are among the best mildfielders in the world they would definitely form a very strong opposition. But they would definitely be challanged as teams like chealse as spending big on transefers

  8. I believe they are capable of winning next years league. They have consistently performed better and better this year (correct me if I am wrong).

    What is going to be interesting is that Leeds United has advanced to Premier League. They were my childhoods´ heroes. But being a new team in Premier League will be tough, and I expect that they will have their hands “very” full when they meet ManU.

    I believe in ManU. But I am having a feeling that they lack the final “sting” to succeed in every game they play. Next season is going to be very interesting. I am looking forward to following ManU during that season and I am wishing them success in winning the league.

  9. I wouldn’t be too earger to consider tthem for anything of such. Taking a look at the current leaders and the distance between the two tops and others including united, one would not be good to jump to conclusion that united are ready. thats very unrealistic right now. They need more options to bolster their attacking options

  10. I feel great to watch football lately, as I have not really been a fan for a long time. Looking into the current performance at the midfield I feel the team needs one more good sub in case injuries arise and they wouldn’t go back to the time when Pogba had an injury and no good replacement. A more defensive awesomeness from the defenders will do. And a good attacker signed to the team. They would pull a fight in the UCL

  11. I certainly think ManUtd is well prepared for next season. I know it may be a biased opinion, being a ManUtd fan myself, but that’s my honest opinion. This Manchester United team are young and dynamic if we get ur transfer targets we will be the team to look out for

  12. I must say manchester united really has a bright future, I never really looked at them that much, but they surprised me this season on how they topped Chelsea and went to the champions league, all I can say they are proving their worth as the day goes by. Not quite sure if they’re good enough to challenge with the current team but I do think they can close the point gap.

  13. Interesting insights and speculations.  I have a few questions.

    After David de Gea has shown such greatness in the past, why do you think he has struggled more recently?  

    If signing 4 top talent players is the key to winning, why do you think the club delays and fails to get deals done?

    The odds makers have Manchester United coming in third in the 2020-2021 season, with Liverpool second and Manchester City the dominant contender for first place.  Of course, that could change, depending on who gets signed or not signed.  As things are now, would you agree with odds makers?

    I look forward to your responses.  I know you’re very willing to put your opinion out there and explain why.  That makes for good reading!

    1. I think De Gea has become complacent, I think he knows he will be chosen regardless, especially after receiving a new long term contract with high wages it would be very hard to get a buyer for him now. Modern-day footballers that are the highest earners are rarely dropped out of the team. Unfortunately, these days in contracts, the ‘big-time’ players so to speak now have terms like ‘if fit to play, he must be chosen’ I wouldn’t be surprised if De Gea had something similar in his contract. 

      The club is not efficient in the transfer window because Ed Woodward is a businessman before anything. Unfortunately, our owners (the Glazers) do not have Manchester United’s best interests at heart (winning trophies). Don’t get me wrong they have invested a lot into the club but the majority of the players we signed are for commercial value rather than players we need and can build with long term. I think and hope that they have realized this model needs to change and I have seen signs of this change under Ole Gunna Solskaer.

      As things stand, yes id agrees with the odd makers. Like you said it will all change depending on signings but in my opinion 3rd place would be a tight battle between United and Chelsea with the current teams (as Chelsea has already made strong signings). 

  14. I think Manchester United is a big club and the fact that they are beginning to find their ground with a player like Bruno just makes them a very deadly club come next season. We can’t say for sure how the new season will be like bit we just have to keep our fingers crossed and see how it goes from there. I’m very certain that there’ll be something worthwhile about this club and something worth watching. Hopefully, they land Jordan Sancho too.

  15. As a Manchester United fan, I love you see that we have qualified for the UCL next season and that would create room to allow players show interest in moving to the club easily. But by the look at the current team, I feel they need to make some more signing to give the attack more strength as well as the defense. Long some short, about 3-4 signings would seal the team to be title contenders. 

  16. How much time will OGS be given? I remember when Ferguson was relatively new at Old Trafford, his team were languishing and the press were baying for blood. To the Man U owners’ credit, they stuck with him and the rest is history. Can history repeat itself with OGS? For the sake of a strong Premier League – and for that reason only – it would be good to see Man U put in a challenge. They will have to strengthen, however. Failure to do so effectively will see the Reds move one step further towards taking over the title of noisy neighbours. COYI. 

    1. I think Manchester United have finally realised they’re going to HAVE to stick with a manager in order to get back to where they used to be. They have Ole who knows the club inside out and is also a fan himself, while his experience may not match their criteria at the minute I do think they now see him as the manager they’re going to stick by (within reason). With the investments and backing, i think Ole will have two seasons to show he can get Manchester United back towards the top. However, if there’s no progress next season, it could prove costly for OGS.

  17. Well I wouldn’t say so much more about the current manchester united team because there are a lot of areas that needs tweaking to achieve perfect in the team. Though honestly the coach has developed routine to ensure that they can actually attack the big team but their approach towards smaller sides isn’t really encouraging and the inconsistencies too

    1. I agree with you there Kimberly, we really need to do better against the smaller teams that sit back against us

  18. The Manchester United Team performance has been doing great. I’m confident they’ll take that W. I’m excited to see how they play out this season. I hope your prediction that they’ll win within the next three years comes true. I think Mason Greenwood  is likely going to turn out to be one of the best players on the team in the future. 

  19.  You mention Liverppol have taken 30 years to win the league title again. I surely hope it doesnt take us that looong to win the title back. Winning the league next season is certainly doubtful. Yes we do not have depth and quality players on the bench. Some new signings will certainly spruce up the team. Well done with this informative article.

  20.  It’s important to give players a little bit of a chance before you get rid of them. Also, it sounds like Manchester United has its work cut out for it.  There are other teams ahead of them; that make it an uphill struggle.  However, you were realistic and recognized that Manchester may need three years to become champions again.

    1. Yeah I’m all for giving players a chance where warranted. Yes, they do have their work cut out, fingers crossed!

  21. There is hope. that is the best to say right now but i believe that if nothing is done about the strike ability of the team, it will surely crumble. i think that the trio rashford, martial and greenwood fits well but their class can not be rated as high as other top teams. it took the intervention of bruno fernandes to bring this hope to the team and i do hope that it is not killed

    1. I agree Lucas. They are all good young players and play well together but comparing to the teams above and Chelsea our frontline is not in the same class.

  22. There is trust. that is the best to state at the present time yet I accept that if nothing is done about the strike capacity of the group, it will definitely disintegrate. I imagine that the trio rashford, martial and greenwood fits well yet their class can not be appraised as high as other top groups. it took the mediation of bruno fernandes to carry this would like to the group and I do trust that it isn’t murdered

    1. Yes i agree, and i know other United fans who feel the same about our strike force, promising but not good enough right now compared to our competition.

  23. Football is something that I believe is a passion, if you truly love it, you’ll enjoy every minute and but of second you spend on it, this article is really interesting and I’ve enjoyed reading through it. It’s true that Manchester United needs to do some adjustments with the likes of Pogba and all  they can be as strong.

  24. The team is very good to be very honest. They have it all.and they have the very best players in. England too but the problem is they still need two to three more signings before they can challenge for the title and challenge the leaders like liverllpool and city. On the overall, I am tipping them to end in the top four position though

  25. I must say the Manchester United Team will make it a winner in the season…why? in the first place as history has it that, it was and are managed by best well known managers in football history and that means… the players are carefully choosen to be an ace in playing football, it has the capacity and ability to overcome its opponents in the game of football, second is most of the players had already proven themselves in the sports of football…meaning the players already are well known players in the world of football…and 3rd the Manchester United Team are well experienced players and the players was  “hardened” by the long years of training and playing the game coupled with excellent coaching from the best known trainers of the world of football. Good luck! 

    1. That was Manchester United a few years ago, they are very different now from top to bottom. However, I hope you’re right and I love your optimism 

  26. Hello there, the coming season fascinates me a lot and Manchester United I feel are good enough to challenge and with the signing of VDB I feel they will do better as players in the competition but not as a team because OGS isn’t someone I trust that can give you good performance. The team need a better coach for me 

  27. Proud of you Kurtes! 

    Way to support your team! There is a lot of information on here I didn’t know. Makes me want to go to a game!

    I really dig the top 25 questions. It is obviously you  are very informed on the team. I have picked up a lot from this article and maybe changed my mind on a few topics.

    Interesting take on some of the players, I wish you guys all the best in the next season! 

    Keep moving forward Manchester United!


  28. Manchester United is a very good team and really I may happy to see how they have gone to become a strong team from after the lock down. I like how they have also looked to strengthen so many other parts and now they have bought another good midfield oalyer again. It’s just going to get better and maybe we can contest for the title. 

  29. This is a really interesting article about Manchester United and whether they are up for the challenge ahead in the coming season. I think the coach needs to do a kind of modification in the substitutions he makes. As a football team, if there’s no connection between players, it affects the whole team. I think if proper training is made, they are good to go.

  30. Good day Kurtes, your article was really illuminating and entertaining to read. Your opinion that Manchester United needs a better attacking force with the suggestion of those four players is agreeable but I must contend that Manchester United can win the league title within the next three years as just like you mentioned, other teams are also getting better. 

    1. Thanks Beesan! Realistically how many years would you say for Manchester United to win the league if you had to put a number on it?

  31. Do you think Manchester would win the Premier League in the next five years putting to concern the powerful Manchester City and Liverpool. How long do you think it will take Manchester United to be were it was in when Sir Alex Ferguson was the manager? I personally believe that Manchester United has a long road of recovery to be what it was before 2013. Manchester is a great club with rich history. 

    1. Yes I think Manchester United could win the league within 5 years. However, Unfortunately, I think Man Utd fans need to accept we will never get to the dominant force we once were under Sir Alex Ferguson. Football has changed, most teams have money, smaller teams don’t always have to sell their best players to bigger clubs now and other factors that make it hard for a single team to dominate. Plus, we had a manager that can never be replaced that comes once in a lifetime

  32. Although I agree that Manchester United are heading in the right direction, I don’t think they’re quite there yet. Liverpool unfortunately still appear to be the dominant force, and are still the ones to catch. I have faith in Ole, he has United running in his blood, and that is what is needed to succeed as a manager of Man Utd.

    As you state in your article, a few more signings are probably needed, lets hope they are good ones.

    What is your view on Pogba right now? Do you think he still has the potential to become one of United’s greats?

    1. Yes Ray Liverpool are definitely the ones to catch, even more so with the signing of Thiago!

      Glad you mentioned you have faith in Ole, you might take an interest in m article about is he the right man for Manchester United:… Let me know your thoughts.

      I love pogba but I honesly don’t think he will  become a United great. Unless he does some drastic in the next few years, which I dont see happening. Maybe now we have some quality and depth around him I do think we could see the best Pogba we’ve seen in a United shirt this season. Do you think he will be a United great?

  33. Thank you

    I am a big football fan but not exactly Manu U so I did read your article with a lot of interest. I always admired this team because they always had a strong reserve team with youths always coming through. What I found interesting about this team is that it does not look like there is the strength below the first 11. 

    I am hoping Man U nor Liverpool win but my team but the biggest thing I want is a good fight at the top with lots of teams in contention.

    Great read

    Thanks again

    1. Yes you’re right, beyond our first 11 our team lacks quality and strength.

      Hahaha I’m hoping Liverpool don’t win aswell, who do you support Imelda?

  34. Hi kurtes, 

    That’s a good article on Manchester. The spotlight is on Manchester United to perform in the next season. Manchester United needs to strengthen its’s squad and bring quality from the bench. Otherwise, the future looks grim.

    I wish you would also review and report about Dutch teams and their status sometimes. 

    thank u for sharing this. Loved reading it.


    1. Yes, you’re right strength and quality is what we are short of majorly, which is putting the spotlight on Manchester United even more with the lack of transfers coming in.

      I like the Dutch League and the way they operate so I will look to do some posts on this in the future 🙂

      Thanks Aparna

  35. I am a big fan of Manchester United and in my opinion they have an exceptional team that trains hard and has a lot of potential to achieve good results. I hope that they were not disturbed by this world season of Kovid, which disturbed all sports in 2020, not only sports but everything else. Football is my passion and I never miss a single game.

  36. Hi

    That is the million dollar question that every Man United fans have been asking every season since Sir Alex Ferguson retired. It does not help that the manager keeps changing, the youth is not coming through, whilst other teams have vastly improved. I cannot see it happening  unless Man United are much more consistent. Money does not buy you quality players  but what you need is players of skill.

    I still  think Liverpool is the team to beat but Covid will play a part.



  37. Football is a game with passion, if you truly love it, you’ll enjoy every bit of it. I am happy to say that the quality and performance of Manchester United Team is great. I’m confident on them and i’m excited to see how they’ll play out this season. I hope your predictions about Manchester United winning next three years comes to reality.

  38. Hello there, Manchester United has been a very good football team right from time and they still thriving to keep that standard without much need to battle, but there’s a lot they are lacking that preventing them from being ready for the challenge, and that is togetherness as every good team must have players that have bonds together it would go a very long way is Changing their gameplay.

    1. Good point! Togetherness seems half-hearted. Whether it is wingers helping out full-backs, pressing as a team, leadership it all looks segregated. 

  39. Honestly, I agree with you. Manchester United needs to get their crap together, they need to strengthen themselves up. True all the attention is on them, but there is always room for improvement. I’m personally a fan but have not been watching soccer as much as I used to in the past, regardless, manchester united needs to strengthen the squad. I’m sure that people who may not have an interest in soccer may start to have appeal to it after reading through this article. Thank you for it and my the force be with you

    1. Yes, they really do, even more so with the poor results at the start of this season.  may follow suit and stop watching football for a bit haha

  40. I heard that Real Madrid striker Luka Jović could leave the “Santiago Bernabeu” by the end of the transfer window, and if the Italian and English media are to be believed, the focus is on Manchester United. I think Luka Jovic would be a real refreshment for Manchester United and I wish them all the luck to get him.

  41. No! They are not. Actually they made a good signing and they have a better squad compared to the last season but the problem is still in the mentality and how to really bring all parts of the team together and fit them to be one. Seriously, what you shared here is really great to see and I appreciate this here. thanks for sharing with us all.

    1. Great comment about mentality! No matter what players we get, the mentality of this team needs to improve first and foremost

  42. Thanks for posting this interesting article, ManU has been in the light for a while now because of the flop that happened the last season and everyone is really hoping to see them come back to life this season. It’s really a great opportunity to read through this article x it is very good.

  43. I’m not so much of the English football fan but I know about Manchester United and I also know that they are having quite a struggle with titles lately but they have made some major signings like I heard and I know that they would be looking to make a mark in the league too and pick up a cup. They are a big team and a big team has to compete for sure.

  44. The Manchester United team have been really poor with their gameplay and I really can’t pinpoint a particular reason for this because they sometimes rise up to the occasion when they face big teams, but when against smaller side, its a total disaster. I feel the players needs to be more serious and that would help. Else, they can’t challenge 

  45. Hello Kurtes, to be honest I’m not a big fan of Manchester United, being a Liverpool man myself but I remember once when the coach was asked if he considered his lineup too concentrated on attacking force and he replied by saying all his players are trained to be on the defensive which I thought wasn’t a solid plan. Their current lineup in my opinion needs retouching. 

    1. Liverpool 🙁 haha. Yes Sean the line-up definitely needs improving especially if we want to be anywhere need Liverpool!

  46. Hello there! Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful content with us. I found it very entertaining, interesting and educative when I was reading it. I’m a Manchester United fan and although I’m currently not happy with their recent performance, I still love them. Glory glory man United, I’ll never give up on them. Thank you for this article. 

  47. This is such a fun site. The background is great, the content is engaging and informative. I like how it feels as if you’re in a stadium, The grass gives it a pop. The article has so much to offer and talk about. Football fans are going to love this and want to keep the conversation going. It’s great, keep it up.

  48. I like your support for manchester united to win the league or coming back to win in the next three years. To re-organize a football team is not an easy task. The best striker does not get support from the center forward, the striker will have no opportunity to attack at all.

    The accuracy of passing the ball through opponents needs a lot of practice together. Every team member’s movement must be able to predict by the other member position beside him. In a match, we can see a team lost the game because the ball passing technique does not work well within two members. Even with the golden opportunity due to the opponent’s mistake, the goal just misses it. 

    Manchester United is still the richest club in the English league. The important team position has a good player been well selected and training with a good coach is always there. And this team is well mixed with the senior and young player which I believed having a chance to win provided the seniors have to lead the young member well. I fully agreed with you, Manchester United has the opportunity to win this year. Let us hope for the best for the Manchester United team.

    1. yes Stephen, no matter how good the striker is if there’s no support of service they will not be much effective in the game.

      Great point about passing and positioning as a team we are very predictable.

      We do have a mixture of young talent and senior players but do not seem to be getting the best out of them or the consistency which is a shame because on paper we have a very good team!

  49. This has truly been helpful and wonderful. I really enjoyed how you went deep in depth about Manchester. I really enjoyed the experience and I am now becoming a true fan of Manchester United.  Thank you very much for the wonderful and amazing experience. I enjoyed the moment and look forward to more updates about Manchester United from you.

  50. Thank you so much for presenting a great article about the Manchester United team. I have been a fan of this club for a long time and I love the game of every member of this club. And this club will win every football competition in the coming seasons which I hope. Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share the article on my social media group so that everyone can know about the Manchester Club and see their great games.

  51. I’m fan of Manchester and I pretty have faith in them. They have been a very good football team. Despite that they’re good, they are facing some challenges and lacking. I won’t say it’s just them though. Other teams face this too. But the most important thing is to strengthen themselves and be ready for the challenge next season. That is what make a team.