Best Football Questions – Kurtes Picks His Top 25 Football Questions

zinedine zidane - favourite player ever

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Every so often I am going to do a Q&A just so that my readers won’t have a read a full post based on one subject all the time. During this, you will be able to get instant answers and thoughts to whatever you want answering!


So, I sent a message out on my social networks and WhatsApp inviting anyone to ask me a question about football, to keep it natural I have written the questions exactly how they were asked. I’ve taken the best football questions and made a top 25 questions post.

Kurtes’s Best Football Questions


1) What would you change about yourself on the football pitch?

Answer: Learn how to use my weaker foot competently, my left foot connects sweetly once every 10 attempts



2) What about football makes you angry?

Answer: The decline of team rivalries and passionate players!



3) Favourite moment during your own time playing football?

Answer: When I won the cup with my Sunday league team, epic scenes



4) Everyone has a team they like other than the team they support, who’s yours?

Answer: Leeds United. Glad to see them back in the Premier League & I’ve always loved their white kitWhite Leeds United football kit



5) Best transfer your club has done?

Answer: There’s been so many! Eric Catona we got for peanuts, Nemanja Vidic, the list goes on but, I’d have to say, Cristiano Ronaldo, he was more my era.

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6) Who’s your favourite player from a rival team?

Answer: Past, Steven Gerrard (Checkout my Scholes vs Gerrard vs Lampard post here). Current, Kevin De Bruyne there’s not much the guy can’t do



7) No explanation, just answer! Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Answer: Hahaha Ronaldo!



8) What is your favourite football competition?

Answer: Has to be the Champions League. Some will say the world cup but I think Champions League football is the most exciting!



9) Who is the best player in the Premier League right now?

Answer: I really don’t want to mention his name again but I’m honest. Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne
Credits: Jamie_D Design 09



10) Are you a fan of VAR?

Answer: Could be good but I feel like they’re overdoing it and they have not found the consistency with it. As it stands, we’re no better off with it.

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11) Is Ole Gunnar Solskaer the right man for the Manchester United job?

Answer: At first I would have told you no. But, as he (Ole Gunnar) gains experience he’s getting better. Still, a long way to go but now we have stuck with him, I think that we should just be patient (within reason) for him to become the right man. (I explain more here)



12) What position do you play and what’s your biggest strength?

Answer: I play on either wing or up front. My biggest strength is my pace



13) Was Lukaku a flop?

Answer: In all honesty, no. To me, a flop is a player who does not exceed/perform to the level of their previous club. We (Manchester United) got Lukaku to score goals and his goal record for us was good. Prior to buying him, we knew what his weaknesses were (his first touch, build-up play and lack of goals against the top teams) so, I wouldn’t say that’s a flop.



14) Favourite current Manchester United player?

Answer: Anthony Martial. I genuinely believe he can be our number 9! I think he’s scapegoated a lot of the time and always looked over, in terms of what he brings to the team, his hold up/link-up play goes unnoticed. He’s got potential for days. “Tony Martial scores again”



15) What’s your stance on David De Gea?

Answer: Well, United have just given Dean Henderson a 6-year contract so I think we know what their stance is, and mine is the same, this season is a make or break.

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16) Can Manchester United win a Premier League with Anthony Martial as No.9

Answer: Yes. He doesn’t need to be scoring 30 goals in a front 3. Martial will comfortably get 20 goals a season in No.9 position and the other two wing forwards should be aiming for that too



17) What’re your thoughts on Aron Wan Bissaka?

Answer: Good buy but, unfortunately in the modern game, just being able to defend as an RB is not good enough. He’s still very young so he has time to improve on his offensive game. I just fear in a year or two we could be still talking about the same problem.



18) Is Getting Sancho only in this transfer window enough?

Answer: Definitely not. But, the way our window is looking at the minute, signing Sancho only will do!



19) Is the Premier League the best league in the world?

Answer: Entertaining wise I’d say yes. But, football-wise no. We need to stop calling other leagues farmers leagues.



20) Tell me a Manchester United goal that you think about more than the rest?

Answer: It has to be Wayne Rooney’s overhead kick in the Manchester Derby. It was a winning goal too. Top bins and Joe Hart didn’t even attempt to save it!Wayne rooney's over head kick vs Man city


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21) What do you think about the level of loyalty towards football managers?

Answer: Good question. I think something needs to be put in place for managers. It’s like once they’re in a bad patch there’s no way back for them. Saying that I think there are a few times where Ole Gunnar could have been sack but they stuck by him.



22) Who would you say is the best manager in the Premier League? link

Answer: Jurgen Klopp for me. He has elements of Alex Ferguson in the way that his players play beyond peoples expectation. His man-management is great as well you can see that.



23) Riola has confirmed that Pogba’s staying at Manchester United, what are your thoughts?

Answer: Great news but I feel Ole Gunnar is using him wrong. He’s playing too deep, Pogba needs to be further up the field. If Ole’s plans to keep playing him deeply he may as well cash in.



24) Where do you think Chelsea will finish with the players they’ve signed?

Answer: Wow, what a window they’ve had so far. But, signing too many players can disrupt harmony and take time to gel but, if Frank Lampard gets it right this season (which is rare) then they could well be challenging for the title. Realistically, I think they’ll finish 3rd, pushing 2nd.



25) Who is your favourite player past or present

Answer: Zinedine Zidane. Graceful on the pitch. I remember when France played Brazil in the World Cup and he ran the showZinedine Zidane



Right, that’s my best football questions for this month. There were some great football questions this month, hopefully, it gives you more of insight towards me. If you agree or have a different answer to any of my answers I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.

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