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Hi everyone welcome to the Cyber Footy website. I just want to tell you a little about myself as I think if you’re on this website we probably have a lot in common. So here it goes…

Have you ever heard these terms?

  • You’re not a real supporter, You’ve never been to their football stadium
  • Why do you support them? You don’t come from there
  • how can you support them? You haven’t even got the football shirt

I support Manchester United but the truth is, whatever team you support you’ve probably had these things said to you or heard someone say them towards someone else. What they don’t think of is the guy that has never gone to watch his team play at a football stadium could suffer from anxiety with big crowds. The person who supports a team from another city or country probably has a deep history or memories there. The kid who never owned a football shirt, his parents could simply not afford to buy them one.Me and my friends at Old Trafford


Being a kid from a not so wealthy background the chances to support my team the way a ‘true fan’ should, by going to the football stadium to watch them play were very slim, in fact never happened! (I got there in the end as you can see in the picture). However, before, I had to find alternatives ways to support the club I am so passionate about, I did this by watching them on TV, watching Youtube content, reading about them, buying football kits, and other products related to them. (btw you do not need to go to football games to be a ‘true fan’).


Now I want to give back as I know they’re so many Manchester United supporters across the world who are in the same position I was. Unable to go to games due to many reasons, lack of money, work commitments, travel distance, big crowd anxiety, and other priorities. I want you to feel a part of this football club we love.


Over the years I’ve learned a lot about not focusing on what you can’t do at to time but focus on what you can. Yes, I was unable to go to football matches and experience the atmosphere as a kid. However, what I could do is, join community forums, watch fan channels on YouTube, follow social media pages & read about them.


A Little Story About My Football Life.

Growing up nearly every school kid’s dream is to be something like a footballer and yes, it was a dream of mine. I always imagined seeing my shirt hung up in the changing rooms ready to put on before the match. Manchester united dream

However, I was always a little smaller than most kids, never had the latest football kit or football boots so, while being good at football I always felt like the kid without the latest gear, the other kids judged me on this more than my actual football skills. I had a strong mindset from a young age and knew it was a little harder for me to fit in when it came to P.E lessons, school football, and youth football.


I literally used to spend hours on the park working on drills and strengthening my weakness which at the time was my first touch and shooting with my left foot. There are obviously genetic limitations to your overall success but when you follow stories like Cristiano Ronaldo who was a former player for Manchester United you realise you can overcome anything and that good work can truly lead to your success in football or anything in life.


Sometimes your passion can lead you to discover other interests. For example, my football dream did not materialise, however, from football I started following Manchester United, and from there, my interest became a passion and my support became unquestionable. Now, another one of my passions is talking and writing about Manchester united, football in general for that matter.


Football Supporters Have Changed.

Football supporters have gone from, only being a ‘real’ supporter if you go to watch your team play at stadiums to being accepted if you’re at home sitting on the sofa watching your team. Furthermore, you can be out playing football in your kit or even just following your team on social media. Truth is, no one can tell you how to support your team and this is the point I want to get across.


Much of this content is going to be centered around building and personalising your Manchester United support whether you’re a supporter who goes to every single game or a supporter who can’t make it to many if any games. Here we are a family and I want us to show our support for this club in any way we can. Get in contact and share your story!


Football has changed and so has the way people support their clubs.




Founder of CyberFooty

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